24h.com.vn is one of the most famous electronic news sites currently managed by 24H Online JSC.






24h.com.vn is one of the most famous electronic news sites currently managed by 24H Online JSC. 24h.com.vn offers a wide range of content such as finance, technology, cuisine, beauty, sports, etc. Because of the diversity in the field as well as the quality of content, attracted more than 100 million hits, ranking in top 4 leading news sites in Vietnam.


Like every other electronic news site, 24h.com.vn publishes a lot of content for many different fields. The target customers of 24h.com.vn are also very diverse.  According to statistics from similarweb.com, the news media content or video is usually most selected by viewers on 24h.com.vn. This is good news and also a good thing to 24h.com.vn to pay attention to 31 billion play views is not a small number. Accompanied by the huge amount of videos and images that require 24h to have a high supply infrastructure.

A more remarkable number is that with an average of 100,000,000 visitors per day on 24h.com.vn, viewers spend more than 13 minutes on average to read the news on this site. This figure is even higher at the beginning of the week and in the weekend, as the demand for news updates from users is increasing. However, with hundreds of millions of hits and high on-page time, that will certainly generate a lot of requests from viewers for the website server. Of course, when dealing alone, the website server is likely to fall into overload and collapse at any time. For electronic news sites, the high bounce rate is a terrible obsession. While the page load speed and slow response speed are the reasons why most viewers leave the page.

For example, in World Cup 2018, 24h must work continuously to update the news as well as the course of the game. The number of visitors came to the site is extremely high. At this time, the system of 24h has been overloaded and 24h had to spend a lot of money to help the system from interruption but still not a success. However, 24h still very fortunate in the occurrence of the incident has found himself a powerful network infrastructure help 24h overcome such a big problem.


In fact, many e-news sites have fallen into this category. With 24h, that will entail a great deal of damage. In order to maintain the site not only stable but also ensure the highest speed, 24h has decided to use CDN - the most effective transmission solution to upgrade the network infrastructure for businesses and reduce. load for root server.

To avoid having to deal with large amounts of damage to your website when it crashes, CDN is the most effective solution for 24h. This CDN system must be powerful enough to meet the needs of hundreds of millions of visitors a day. As mentioned above, in WorldCup 2018, 24h.com.vn has spent a lot on the current infrastructure to meet the number of live-streaming visitors. However, with VNETWORK's CDN, 24h.com.vn actually save a huge amount of investment cost into bandwidth and solve the problem encountered. By caching data, bandwidth is significantly reduced, saving resources for the server.

Transcoding is a solution to help support VOD (Video On Demand) service on 24h.com.vn smooth and faster than before. In order to respond well to a wide variety of devices, Transcoding will encode and convert video formats to a variety of formats, such as 480p, 720p, 1080p, etc. So when customers use any device to watch video on 24h.com.vn will also experience video with good quality and high speed.

In order to protect the video copyright, the DRM feature, the anti-download video is also available for 24h.com.vn. Then the video content on the site will be preserved even if there is a video will also be "fragmented" into various small files. In addition, the anti-sharing link valid_referrer also help 24h.com.vn protect their content exclusive and ensure that no one can use that link outside 24h.com.vn.


The solutions that 24h.com.vn use has brought impressive effect. 320,000 hits at the same time is an admirable number that 24h.com.vn has achieved. This is a solution that saves 40% of initial investment in network infrastructure, reducing bandwidth and resources on the original server. During the 2018 World Cup, the system of 24h.com.vn has been strong and stable since then until the end of the season without any problems.

The speed of website access increases dramatically. Although the interruption in network traffic still happens in the area in recent times, however, the website of 24h.com.vn is accessed quickly and smoothly as usual because the content of the article, Images and videos are saved on the PoPs of the CDN system. The user experience when watching video on the website also increased, as evidenced by the number of visitors to 24h.com.vn has increased clearly.

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