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As a leading securities institution in Vietnam, HSC always strives to find high-tech security solutions to optimize the advanced security system according to international standards. They searched for many of the world's top security products, hoping to find a provider that could deliver a wide range of total security features, ease of integration, and in-depth protection for their users. extremely important data systems of the organization.

HSC found in VNIS great features that could well meet the security requirements they were expecting. They used VNIS's Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect the stock exchanges on their own hosting infrastructure.

Challenges HSC is facing

Given the very nature of HSC's business, they have to bear the weight of their brand name, there is no reason to accept any DDoS attack.

As storage infrastructure usage increased, HSC realized they needed a new security solution. To eliminate management complexity, HSC wanted a total security solution from a single vendor that included both WAF protection and DDoS attack mitigation. The solution will have to manage risk and monitor all traffic to quickly identify threats, and only allow legitimate traffic to access their applications. .

From experience using anti-DDoS solutions in the past, HSC knows that eliminating DDoS false positives is one of the important requirements that cannot be missed in the decision to choose a new solution. They also want to ensure the rapid response of the system to combat DDoS attacks in a timely manner and without interruption in financial securities trading activities.

Also, due to time and resource constraints, they wanted to automate as many security processes as possible. After doing research and testing, HSC found that VNETWORK's VNIS solution met all of their application security needs.

Security solutions of VNIS

HSC has deployed VNIS

HSC has deployed VNIS to protect their data storage infrastructure, including web and apps systems. They used the Cloud WAF service available inside the VNIS platform, to protect the system against layer 7 attacks, including the most common cybersecurity threats and zero-day attacks.

The VNIS system is capable of identifying threats quickly and accurately. By using the security features available within the security platform of VNIS, HSC was able to extend protection to the entire data storage infrastructure and maintain the security status of the system even when they need to migrate to another data storage platform (like hybrid Cloud or on-premise).

VNIS's advanced security technology is capable of detecting complex threats based on a combination of wide platforms in the WAF market (WAF systems in 8 countries around the world).

Attacks such as SQL injection or multi site scripting, or illegal resource access, site scraping, malicious bots or OWASP top threats will be completely prevented.

VNIS's fine-grained controls and filters help eliminate reports of phishing attacks and accesses from illegal streams. In addition, the WAF system also has the feature to protect the server IP address by hiding the IP address of the web server.

VNIS has increased security resources from the combined power of the world's leading CDNs (such as Cloudflare, Akamai, Fastly, Stackpath, CDNetwork, Amazon Cloudfront, Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, ChinaCache,...) to prevent massive DDoS attacks.

VNIS has protected all HSC systems and data while they are in the cloud. VNIS's solution has helped HSC improve visibility in their application environment (both on-premise or in the cloud), while continuously monitoring behavior and sending automatic alerts when it detects traffic. suspect.

The flexibility of the VNIS security solution provided comprehensive protection for all of HSC's combined Web Apps, and they managed their security from a single management monitoring platform. .

With a system of Cyber ​​Security Monitoring Centers (SOCs) around the world, VNIS provides 24/7 global customer support, ensuring the protection of web apps before DDoS attacks up to 2,600Tbps.

With a large CDN infrastructure combined from 32 countries around the globe, bringing the total number of CDN PoPs to 2,300 PoPs, VNIS has the ability to respond very quickly to the biggest DDoS attacks.

The benefits that HSC achieves when using VNIS

HSC has completely escaped the risk of shutting down electronic exchanges on web and apps, thereby fully protecting their data system from hackers trying to exploit it. web application vulnerabilities.

According to a representative of HSC, what really impressed them about VNIS was: the amount of work that an overall security system can accurately guarantee.

Through periodic reports sent from VNIS's system to HSC about DDoS attacks being prevented, making them happy that the brand's reputation is being protected.

Working with VNETWORK and using VNIS, HSC detected suspicious activities quickly and addressed these threats before they became a problem affecting their business operations. through the stock exchange. VNIS has helped HSC identify the real threats that are happening to the business without wasting resources on dealing with false positives, helping staff to centralize system administration and build infrastructure. layers, organize data efficiently.

Effective security at a reasonable cost

From the very beginning, HSC appreciated VNIS's flexible integration and ease of deployment. The VNIS solution was deployed with just a few mouse clicks, and it was easy to customize the WAF Rules to the needs of HSC in the common management platform. VNIS's use of WAF protection and DDoS mitigation has helped HSC get the maximum security for the application platforms they need.

An example of the effectiveness of a VNIS security solution was recorded when HSC suffered from a few DDoS attacks of a small scale but enough to slow down the system. During this attack, VNIS's system kept HSC's applications safe and available, meeting the needs of investors for fast transaction execution, especially financial transactions. major main or VIP account transactions.

Video introduction to VNIS (VNETWORK Internet Security)

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