Jollibee is a Philippines-based multinational fast-food restaurant chain with more than 100 stores in Vietnam.

Jollibee, a Philippines-based multinational fast-food restaurant chain, made its first appearance in Vietnam in 2005. Over time, it has expanded its footprint, boasting more than 100 stores across the nation. Jollibee is not just a provider of rigorously quality-controlled fast food; it also offers a warm and inviting environment for people to enjoy cheerful and comfortable dining experiences with their family and friends.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted Jollibee Vietnam's development plans. Faced with numerous challenges, Jollibee had to adapt its business model, shifting from offline to online operations, with a primary focus on developing a user-friendly website and a mobile ordering application. Crucially, investing in information technology infrastructure became paramount during this transition.

Jollibee found a fitting solution in VNETWORK's Cloud Server services, which possessed the capability to effectively meet their requirements for stability and high data transmission capacity, crucial for operating these online platforms and delivering the best possible customer experience.

Key Challenges:

Adapting to Pandemic Challenges: In response to the rapidly evolving pandemic situation, Jollibee Vietnam proactively devised strategies to improve its business model and promptly adjusted to new policies to sustain its growth trajectory.

Customer-Centric Focus: Jollibee Vietnam consistently sought ways to enhance its product offerings, service delivery methods, and policies, all aimed at enhancing the quality of the customer experience.

Swift Shift to Online Ordering: With a significant shift from dine-in habits to takeout and delivery due to the pandemic, Jollibee invested heavily in enhancing its digital ordering platforms, including its website ( and the introduction of the Jollibee mobile app, thus improving its home delivery services.

Challenges with User Traffic: The surge in user traffic during peak hours presented a considerable challenge. Slow website and app performance impacted the customer experience, underscoring the need for a robust IT infrastructure.

To mitigate this, Jollibee prioritized investment in IT infrastructure and carefully selected Cloud Server service providers to ensure the stability and rapid data transmission of their website and ordering app. VNETWORK was chosen as a reliable partner for this journey.

Cloud Server solution by VNETWORK:

Understanding the unique challenges faced by Jollibee, the VNETWORK team provided proactive and tailored advice to meet the company's specific requirements. The selected Cloud Server service offered stability and high-speed data transmission, essential for maintaining the seamless operation of Jollibee's online platforms.

In addition to technical capabilities, VNETWORK's competitive pricing, dedicated customer care team, and round-the-clock technical support through their Security Operations Center (SOC) ensured that Jollibee received a cost-effective and dependable solution.

In the future, Jollibee Vietnam envisions becoming a leading fast-food chain in the country. With the resolution of the technical challenges discussed above, VNETWORK's partnership instills confidence that Jollibee can focus on implementing its plans without concerns about technical disruptions affecting customer satisfaction.

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