Founded in 2008, the predecessor of NCT Corporation is “NhacCuaTui” Music Company, named after the first product -

Founded in 2008, the predecessor of NCT Corporation is “NhacCuaTui” Music Company, named after the first product - Up to date, NCT has developed more products and the name NCT Corporation is chosen to replace. The music market is growing more and more every single day. has over 21.9 million visitors and reached the top 20 websites in Vietnam. Owning a huge volume of domestic and foreign songs and constantly updating songs as well as new singers every day quickly


Since the Internet has grown, online media has grown in a way that is powerful. The listener has gradually shifted from buying the compact disc to listening to music online on websites for the convenience. Revenue from online music is higher than the sales of CDs, digital music and licensing deals combined. Online music accounts for 75% of the music industry's total revenue, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

In a music industry with such good signals, can completely confidently develop stable with its orientation. However, in parallel with the advantages, there are still problems that occur daily with an online music site such as

Website is a digital music store that stores a huge amount of audio, video, music and photos and news relate to the entertainment industry. These are time-consuming forms for the server to respond. Moreover, the amount of foreign visitors to this website is very large while the original server is located in Vietnam, making it difficult to respond timely to customers.

Always fast in the online music market, NhacCuaTui is very actively updating new music products published. At the time, this online music site attracted many more music fans than usual. More than 20 million hits per day is not a small number. The deal with such a sudden increase in traffic is still in the estimation of the United States, but still inevitably lag status and a long wait for music downloads. In addition, the quality of the music has changed dramatically. Customers who respond to listening to the song with unstable quality.

In the context of digital music and online entertainment services, users have a wide variety of options as long as they meet their needs. Obviously, it is easy to drop customers into the hands of other competitors. In order to avoid this situation, NhacCuaTui should overcome the above-mentioned shortcomings.


There is no denying the obvious benefits of CDN for high traffic sites like NhacCuaTui. Featuring more than 200 PoPs spanning more than 20 countries around the world, VNETWORK's CDN system perfectly caters to the daily visitors of NhacCuaTui. All songs, music videos have been saved on more than 200 CDN PoPs. This helps the user to significantly shorten the time when accessing music. Music lovers at home and abroad can listen to music quickly and in the best quality.

In addition to this, thanks to the Transcoding, music videos and music videos on the NhacCuaTui website have also become smoother. Depending on the device screen size and network speed at the customer's location, Transcoding can convert video formats into a variety of formats suitable for the best customer experience.

Storage issues to ensure audio and video are always available to satisfy the growing number of music lovers of NhacCuaTui are quickly resolved with Transparent Caching. This is a great support solution for those who are experiencing network problems without having to invest too much bandwidth on the original server. NhacCuaTui's resources are always available to serve the needs of over 20 million visitors and much higher in the future.


After more than a year using the transmission solutions VNETWORK provided, NhacCuaTui has saved more than 10GB of bandwidth used by other vendors. The number of visitors to the music site has also increased rapidly and maintained steadily. Music listeners feel happy when their music experience in the music world is much better than before. Especially no longer the status of the website system is overloaded during the peak period and the speed of downloading the .mp3 .mp4 .m4a .mp3a audio files increased dramatically.

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