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Started to serve people since 1996, Nguyen Kim is a pioneer in Vietnam business in the field of electrical appliances.

Started to serve people since 1996, Nguyen Kim is a pioneer in Vietnam business in the field of electrical appliances. According to a research report by AC Nielsen, Nguyen Kim Trading Joint Stock Co (Nguyen Kim Electric Supermarket) was ranked 99% by users as the number one brand in consumer electronics retail. Retail Asia also rated Nguyen Kim as one of the top three retailers in Vietnam. Nguyen Kim also reached the regional level when it was ranked in the top 500 Asia Pacific retailers ranked


NguyenKim offers users many product lines. Each product line has a lot of designs and brands. To make it easy for consumers to shop online, NguyenKim carefully provides detailed product images so that users can review them before making any decision. For e-commerce sites, it is important to provide a realistic, detailed and clear image of the product, and NguyenKim has done well on this website.

Along with the benefits to customers, Nguyen Kim also faced another situation on his e-commerce site. For sites containing such high-quality images, the server will take longer and more bandwidth to download the full image content for the customer. If customers are using Internet services with low bandwidth, this is also more impediment in expressing image quality to them.

Also, at the same time, with news sites, readers may have fewer requests because of the amount of text that accounts for a large amount of content, for e-commerce sites, customers There are more things to interact with. For each product, the customer can send a request to the server about the image, color, style. In addition, customers interact with the system by completing their purchase information. For a casual customer and having a good time, waiting for the server to respond for a few seconds is acceptable. However, the number of such customers is very low. Not to mention the golden week or the promotion of Nguyen Kim, the number of customers to go to the site is very large. At this point, the psychology of shoppers will rush more than many times because of fear of delays, the product I want to buy may be burnt at any time. Also, they will not accept any delays during the purchase process. According to Akamai's research, 47% of users want a web page load less than 2 seconds. Mobify also studies that 57% of the users will exit a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.


In order to help consumers have the best experience when shopping online as well as helping businesses grow more sustainably in the fierce market competition, NguyenKim has chosen VNETWORK solutions. With the situation that NguyenKim encounter, VNETWORK has helped this e-commerce website equipped with a powerful CDN system with outstanding features such as store content on the PoPs and feedback to the nearest customer. have requests from them. Customers will not be in the state of waiting to see how the image of the product when shopping online. Along with that, NguyenKim also actively monitor the parameters reported traffic to the site by r data reporting.

The customer group that NguyenKim targets are domestic buyers. Therefore, to thoroughly control the status of excessive traffic from areas that are not allowed, content filtering and blocking IP by geographic location is also used by NguyenKim. This not only limits the effectiveness of DDoS attacks to the Web, causing sluggishness or even slowing down the website but also significantly reducing server resources.

HTTP2 is the latest protocol that handles all requests at the same time, surpassing HTTP 1.1 when dealing with each other. HTTP2 will be a special assistant to help NguyenKim well in the golden week or the promotion season by meeting all requests from the customer at the same time, avoid causing congestion pages or slow downloads, making customers feel dissatisfied.

Transparent caching is a catalyst for NguyenKim during international cable events. At this time the content is still stored on the node to help the website is still operating normally and stable.


In the fiercely competitive e-commerce market, NguyenKim still holds the position of a leading in E-commerce field. Customers choose NguyenKim not only for the quality products but also the experience they have when buying online on the website NguyenKim owns. When accessing NguyenKim's online shopping website, all product content including images is displayed quickly, making the purchasing process easier for the people.

After more than a year using VNETWORK's transmission solutions, NguyenKim has responded well to the huge amount of bandwidth and bandwidth of the original server that was saved. Transmission issues no longer occur on the website as before. And this big brother in the electronics retailer is very pleased with the network infrastructure solutions of VNETWORK

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