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The People's Army Newspaper under the General Political Department of the Ministry of Defense is the Party Central Committee of the Military and the Ministry of Defense of Vietnam. This is also the voice of the People's Armed Forces of Vietnam. For easy information updating as well as modern trend development, in addition to publishing the paper, the People's Army Newspaper also owns an electronic newspaper with the domain name www.qdnd.vn.


Politics has a great influence on the process of existence and development of each nation and all humanity. The People's Army Electronic Newspaper is part of a government agency and is responsible for updating military-political information for the Vietnamese people. The target audience of the People's Army is very diverse from domestic and abroad. For those visiting overseas, due to their remote location with the website server, they will take more time to visit the site. The content also takes a long time to be able to express a complete way. This is very time consuming for the customer and bandwidth wastage for the server to respond to each customer request.

In addition, the websites of government agencies are always the target of attacks. The People's Army Newspaper website is no exception as it is a frequent victim of DDoS attacks. Especially in times of political events, websites are almost inaccessible or accessed at extremely slow speeds. DDoS attacks cause long interruptions that have little or no impact on the Ministry of Defense's up-to-date information.

In addition to e-mail, the e-mail system is also targeted at cyber criminals. For a government agency, this is the place to store and exchange a lot of confidential information that needs to be protected. Every day there are many attacks on the email system of political institutions in the world are extremely sophisticated. Users with the naked eye find it difficult to spot small traits in a fake e-mail and easily fall into the trap. Once this sensitive information is stolen, the consequences will be immeasurable. In order to avoid the risk of email attack, military agencies need a modern security email system.


The CDN content distribution system is the best solution for the People's Army newspaper to solve the current situation on the website. First, with more than 200 PoPs speads over 20 countries around the world, VNETWORK's CDN system is well suited to serving overseas visitors to the People's Army. The entire content of the website has been archived throughout the CDN system to help visitors, whether in locations near Laos, Cambodia or as far away as the United Kingdom, the United States can access quickly.

The CDN system also has an IP-hide feature that helps prevent DDoS attacks. When not using CDN, the hacker will easily find the original IP of the server quickly. The CDN solution helps to break the hacker's attack load into different servers, making it difficult for hackers to determine the IP address of the server. This means that the website will be safe-guarded. In addition, the People's Army newspaper can also filter by IP address and country access to increase the security of the website.

With the WAF Web Firewall application security solution, the People's Army website is equipped with a powerful shield against attacks on vulnerabilities that the firewall normally does not. This is an optimal security solution that assists programmers in managing vulnerabilities that they can not thoroughly test. WAF will limit the vulnerabilities that hackers may target to steal information or change the look and feel of the website to help protect the website effectively.

Ngoài ra, hệ thống email bảo mật ứng dụng trí tuệ nhân tạo SECUMAIL cũng được báo Quân đội nhân dân sử dụng. Với những tính năng bảo mật thông minh, hệ thống sẽ giúp chặn và khóa các email lừa đảo, email chứa file đính kèm hoặc đường dẫn chứa virus mã hóa dữ liệu nhằm ngăn chặn việc các email này tiếp cận tới người dùng.


People's Army Newspapers have thoroughly resolved the DDoS attack due to the CDN system. Now, the website is accessible quickly. The content on the website shows timely to anyone, anywhere in control. The site is well-guarded by military standards and does not worry about losing data because it is stored on CDN.

When there are any network problems occurring in the area, the website of People's Army Newspaper is still unaffected and stable 24/24. This also helps maintain the prestige of a military unit in the hearts of people in the country and international friends.

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