As the leader in the entertainment industry in Asia on both Youtube and Facebook.





As the leader in the entertainment industry in Asia on both Youtube and Facebook. Yeah1 owns a huge multi-platform online video network and is considered as the number one social network in Vietnam. Yeah1 is currently ranked in the top 13 in the worldwide Network Youtube, reaching 5 billion video views per month from 50 million followers around the world.


In order to serve a large number of domestic and foreign customers regularly visiting the site to watch news and entertain daily, Yeah1 actually needs a really strong infrastructure system.

As an active entertainment company in anticipation of the latest trends, it's understandable that every hour or so dozens or hundreds of news are put up by Yeah1. Moreover, the articles are not just text lines, the content of the article is now also expressed through images and video.

This is a matter of concern with a website. When you have to store too many images and videos, the website will become "heavier". Rapid content feedbacks for crowded access numbers seem to be impossible for the root server. At times when there are too many hits and requests, the server system becomes overloaded and hence it takes the visitor more time to reach the full content they desire.

The feedback that Yeah1 usually receives from customers, especially overseas customers, is the slow loading status of the video, which makes them unhappy. Meanwhile, about 50% of users will leave the site if the site loads more than 3 seconds (source: PhocusWright, Forrester Consulting). This has a huge impact when Yeah1 is looking to improve the quality of service for its customers as well as improve its rank in the market of intense competition as today.

With the desire to better reach the audience, in addition to website construction, Yeah1 also develops its network on the phone application. In order to be able to store and connect data and keep the system running smoothly, equipping yourself with a good network infrastructure is a top priority for Yeah1.


Yeah1 has a tremendous amount of foreign visitors so it is very important to have a robust CDN system to better convey the content from the website to this client group. Thanks to the push-pull feature, the CDN servers can automatically pull the contents of the website from Yeah1's original server and Yeah1's root server will also push content from the website onto the CDN servers. The most recent users, ensuring the users abroad but far from the root server and still access the content quickly and in time. This solution also significantly reduces bandwidth for the root server of Yeah1.

VNETWORK also provides configure policies on the CDN system to help optimize memory and restrict access from other countries, thus preventing DDoS attacks, reducing the number of aimed-request from hacker attacks to the server which contains Yeah1's website. In addition, CDN also features analytics to help Yeah1 better manage the number of people visited, location, where they came from, and at which time. This greatly supports Yeah1 in developing as well as exploiting the insight of users in different groups.

The entertainment products that Yeah1 launches every day are exclusive products made from the creative minds and hard work of the staff here. When protecting the monopoly of the product, the people who make the product will be assured that the ability to show more creative talent and dedication. To avoid video theft, thanks to the configure policies in the CDN that Yeah1 can protect the copyright of the content effectively. Other websites can not copy the Yeah1 video link and use it for a specific purpose. For those videos that have already been licensed by Yeah1, they will not be stolen and illegal profiteers. This also helps to enforce intellectual property and copyright law in Vietnam.


After using the solutions VNETWORK consults and provides, the website overload of Yeah1 has been overcome thoroughly. Moreover, the website system has become much stronger when it meets more than 64,000 visitors simultaneously (according to analytics from Google Analytics) regardless of location in the world.

The piracy of Yeah1's entertainment products is also limited. In addition, Yeah1 can be flexible and proactive in upgrading network infrastructure when they desire. Statistics show that the amount of server bandwidth has been dramatically reduced, which has saved the initial investment in infrastructure for Yeah1.

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