Smart Email Security for Business Logistics

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Smart Email Security for Business Logistics

Email has always been the main means for businesses to connect with each other, but some of the rules for using email when sending and receiving users are not really secure, making businesses more susceptible to dangerous email attacks. and suffered a lot of damage. Especially businesses with a large number of personnel such as Logistics companies.

1. Difficulty in email security of enterprise Logistics

• User sets password too simple, doesn’t change password periodically

• The number of employees is large, but the user’s awareness in email security is not large enough.

• If using unsecured corporate email services, there are often countless risks and dangers to Logistics enterprises such as: Spam, Email Virus in inbox but not alerted to users. Mail Server systems often have problems, often fail to send and receive mail.

• The ability to hack targeted business email is made easier and easier these days.

The analysis of Digital Shadows shows that hacking into corporate email is not difficult but causes serious damage.

In 2018, Digital Shadows found more than 12.5 million business emails for sale online, including user names, passwords and owner’s profiles, causing approximately $ 12 billion in losses for businesses.

Digital Shadows also found that corporate cyber attack target groups only need to hire a number of outside hacker units for $ 150 per hacked corporate email account.

2. The trend of attacking email DN Logistics in 2021

Smart Email Security for Business Logistics

Phishing mail (fake email) is the trend of attacking enterprise Logistics email in 2021

In early 2021, CISO warned that the situation of email attacks in companies in the transport industry will become the focus in 2021, due to tensions between countries such as Iran, China and Russia.

In fact, the threat of email fraud in the transport sector has increased in 2020. Up to now, some serious email attacks in logistics enterprises such as: source theft radioactive material from cargo ships, dangerous derailment trains, etc… they are just like Hollywood blockbusters.

In order to perform such missions, Hackers had to develop large-scale attack plans based on analyzing the vulnerabilities in email security of railway, trucking and trucking companies. These missions have really caused huge financial losses and also the reputation for businesses like Logistics.

The truth is, the transportation industry has been under attack more and more by cybercriminal organizations around the globe, and email seems to be the preferred medium of attack.

2.1. Phishing emails with dangerous goods warning information

Last May 2020, Hackers took advantage of a new policy issued in the Logistics industry in the United States to deceive logistics companies, which impersonated the Port Controller with a fake email with the domain name. the same, similar. During this first attack, they asked the captain for some information about the ship, cargo and crew (including name, passport number and date of birth of the crew members).

The 2nd and 3rd attacks fall between March and April 2020, targeting another ship with more pushy phishing emails, forcing email recipients to immediately download the attached declaration. in an email to confirm: “Is the ship carrying explosives or radioactive material?” Thankfully, thanks to professional crew training techniques, detailed checking the email content and address of the sender has helped this company get rid of the scam. But that’s not enough to prevent the new spoof email attacks from happening.

2.2. Phishing emails with sophisticated social techniques

The logistics industry in general is generally less aware of cybersecurity and email security, which makes their employees vulnerable to social phishing techniques. The consequences of phishing and phishing email attacks can lead to businesses shutting down and losing revenue.

Specifically, a major recent phishing mail attack that targeted rail freight regulators in the United States reported above.

A similar situation can be found in the trucking industry. According to experts in the Logistics industry in the United States, small and medium trucking companies and office workers are groups of people that are particularly vulnerable to phishing emails.

In 2018, a trucking company reported that more than a quarter of the 100,000 emails they receive each day are spam. Hence, the possibility of leading to a false click is very easy.

2.3. Dangerous email attacks caused by ransomware

The email attacks caused by ransomware have created logistics disruptions in logistics companies.

Chinese hackers are also targeting shipping companies in several other countries to obtain commercial and military secrets. And last month, a ransomware Ryuk through an email attack interrupted the entire operation of a Logistics organization for 30 hours and lost countless important data.

In addition, there are other damages to trademarks, loss of customers, expensive liability payments, fines, as well as the cost of repairing or replacing other email systems.

3. Implement smart email security solutions for DN Logistics

Smart Email Security for Business Logistics

Finding dedicated email security solutions for businesses Logistics is an important task

Training employees to be alert to phishing emails is an important part of the email security solution for Business Logistics.

When your employees encounter email login problems, they are dealing with phishing emails.

Using dedicated email security solutions to prevent fraudulent email attempts is a challenge for manpowered businesses like Logistics. Because the cost of specialized mail gateway solutions for logistics is not small.

Refer to dedicated email security services for Logistics here

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4. Conclusion

International cybercriminals know that ships, trains and trucks are their most valuable attack targets. Given the tensions over national security and the international trend of email security, it can be sure that phishing email attacks will continue to cause damage to shipping businesses in 2021. this.

However, dedicated email security controls are capable of detecting malware and malicious content in emails with ease. Modern intelligent email security solutions, leveraging machine learning to continuously review emails in more detail than any other user, help prevent email attacks from reaching users effectively.

We can only hope that the entire logistics industry can fully equip email security solutions to be ready for the challenges ahead.

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