The most trusted types of Web Application Firewalls 2022

Latest Update: 23/05/2024

The most trusted types of Web Application Firewalls 2022

Cybersecurity risks continue to be a big concern for businesses in 2022. According to research by the Department of Cybersecurity and high-tech crime prevention in Vietnam, attacks on web applications have increased by 93% compared to the first half of 2021. The rate of web application attacks is in

What is a Web Application Firewall?

Web Application Firewall (WAF) or web firewall is deployed as a shield placed between web clients and web servers. The purpose of a web application firewall is to monitor all traffic to filter out malicious traffic to prevent targeted attacks.

In addition, a web firewall is also known as a Layer 7 (application layer) protection protocol while ISP providers only support Layer 3 and Layer 4 protection making your website a target. hacker attack.

WAF - Web Application Firewall and its benefits

Benefits that Web Application Firewall service brings to your business:

  • Fight against threats from web application vulnerabilities

Threats and vulnerabilities from the top 10 OWASPs such as SQL Injection, Broken Authentication, Sensitive Data Exposure, Broken Access Control, etc. are fully and effectively protected by WAF. In addition, the web firewall is also equipped with a feature to block invalid traffic and only allow real users to access the website.

  • Identify and fight malicious botnets

Businesses are facing the attack of malicious bots, where bot traffic accounts for 40% of internet traffic and malicious bots account for 60% of them. The optimized web firewall identifies and blocks bad bot traffic, minimizing the possibility of access.

  • Virtual patching and AI intelligence

Instant virtual patches are applied by WAF in time as vulnerabilities emerge. This saves your development team a lot of time to fix and ensures that vulnerabilities after being patched will not be exploited by attackers again. Another feature developed in the web firewall is AI intelligence to help identify and prevent malicious traffic flexibly and more effectively when based on artificial intelligence.

  • Fight DDoS attacks and improve performance

Application layer attacks are effectively prevented by WAF when protection is always on and available 24/7. WAF also integrates with a CDN (Content Delivery Network) content delivery network to help your website improve performance without having to worry about security.

We can see the amazing effect and ease of use WAF can bring to your website. To achieve optimal security as well as improve website performance, here are some of the current WAF service providers.

WAF of VNIS - Comprehensive security solution

The most trusted types of Web Application Firewalls 2022

VNIS service provides resistance to many types of attacks, with the mission to bring safe and optimal solutions for Vietnamese businesses with features such as:

  • Integrated Multi CDN

Global CDN network in 32 countries with 280 PoPs of CDN globally and a total bandwidth of more than 2,600Tpbs. Ability to CDN power-ups, no need to negotiate contracts with many parties, support china access, and no ICP license.

  • Cloud WAF

The WAF system is located in 8 countries (of which there are 6 WAFs in Vietnam), allowing you to customize the Rules (under attack) and the Report IP attack feature for each country. Capable of resisting Layer 7 (application layer) attacks where ISPs often ignore, Scrubbing center load balancing WAF system protects website, user information on the system.

Against security vulnerabilities such as XSS, SQL Injection, and especially the top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities. VNIS’s WAF service also helps you against injecting malicious code, and Viruses into websites or applications.

You only need to install 1 WAF to secure all of your CDNs with simplicity, convenience, and without requiring too much technical expertise.

  • Smart load balancing combined with the RUM system

CDN load balancing based on RUM user analytics data ensures 100% website uptime. Manage all CDNs on only one platform, saving time, effort, and having to analyze and review many different CDN reports, because each CDN has a different design, so capturing information and analyzing analysis encountered many obstacles, with VNIS, everything was analyzed, and compared in detail.

If your business is interested in experiencing VNIS solution, please reach out to us via our hotline: (028) 7306 8789 or or email to for expert support and consultation.

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