Experts from VNETWORK reached the Top 30 CTO SUMMIT 2022

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Experts from VNETWORK reached the Top 30 CTO SUMMIT 2022

CTO SUMMIT is an annual program of VnExpress newspaper to honor outstanding young faces who have achieved success in promoting and applying technology to solve growth problems and bring business efficiency to the company, as well as delivering a satisfying customer experience. Thereby selecting the best young technology leader in 2022

After more than a month of launch, the program has received and processed hundreds of applications submitted by young technology leaders. Finally, the Organizing Committee gave the results of the top 30 brightest candidates based on the criteria given by the program such as: the candidate must be a Vietnamese citizen, under the age of 35, act as the team leader or the head of the technology department of a unit, company or corporation of any kind. In particular, candidates need to have achievements or certificates of merit in developing technology, and applying technology in production and business or operating systems.

Currently, a security expert from VNETWORK Joint Stock Company, Mr. Nguyen Kim Tho has been honored to be in the top 30 outstanding young technology leaders and is continuing on the journey to conquer the award “Top 10 public leaders”. young technology 2022”.

Experts from VNETWORK reached the Top 30 CTO SUMMIT 2022

Anh Nguyen Kim Tho - Head of Security Technology Research and Development Department, VNETWORK Joint Stock Company

Mr. Nguyen Kim Tho is currently the Head of the Security Technology Research and Development Department, and a member of the Board of Directors of VNETWORK Joint Stock Company - an enterprise in the top 10 leading brands in network security in Vietnam. He is an expert in the field of cybersecurity with more than eight years of successful implementation and operation of network security solutions for businesses in many fields such as finance, commerce, education, and logistics… in Vietnam. Vietnam and many countries around the world.

After many years of researching and working in the field of network security, Mr. Nguyen Kim Tho and VNETWORK team have been named in prominent events in the field of information technology such as Vietnam Security Summit, Vietnam Cyber Security, Vietnam Digital Awards.

With modern thinking and the ability to grasp trends, Mr. Nguyen Kim Tho has participated in developing an email security system - EG Platform to help fight intelligent email attacks, and APT (Advanced Persistent) targeted attacks. Threat) and BEC (Business Email Compromise). This system is recognized and appreciated by leading organizations in the world such as Gartner, ITSCC, and Rapid7,…

At the same time, Mr. Nguyen Kim Tho was directly involved in building the VNIS system - A comprehensive website security solution that helps businesses’ websites stay active against large-scale targeted attacks.

Not only that, but Anh Tho also researches and develops a data transmission solution - Content Delivery Network (VNCDN) to help keep the website stable even when there are a large number of users accessing at the same time and improving the user experience.

After a process of continuous efforts and learning, Mr. Nguyen Kim Tho has been affirming the capacity and quality of the network security system when continuously conquering and gaining the trust of more than 2000 business customers. domestic and foreign businesses in the fields of Education, Health, Entertainment, Journalism, Commerce, Logistics, Finance and Information Technology.

Following the achievements, Mr. Nguyen Kim Tho is on the way to researching and creating an optimal network security system to perform the function of protecting information technology infrastructure, while ensuring against data being intercepted or stolen by cybercriminals. Thereby, providing a safe and effective website for domestic and foreign businesses.

The voting round of the CTO SUMMIT program is still going on and lasts until the end of May 19, 2022. The results of the voting round will be based on 70% of the judges’ profile scores and 30% of readers’ votes. The top 20 candidates with the highest scores will enter the Interview round to select 10 outstanding young technology leaders in 2022.

Everyone, please vote for Nguyen Kim Thotại đây.

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