How important is CDN service for a Website?

Latest Update: 31/10/2023

How important is CDN service for a Website?

Are you often worried because the website loads slowly or the security status of the website is not good? The following article will help you better understand the importance of CDN (Content Delivery Network) for your website or application.

What is CDN?

CDN technology may be less known to end users, but CDN is no longer a stranger to those who do business website administrators.

In order to keep the experience smooth and seamless for users, Website administrators must use a lot of technology to optimize speed. One of the most important technologies is CDN or Content Delivery Network.

A CDN can be understood as an ‘agent’ that distributes content. Instead of just being located in one place, CDN has a network of servers located in many different locations, to ensure that when users visit, the content will always be provided at the server closest to them.

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CDN roles and responsibilities

For more than 20 years, CDN has become a familiar technology for businesses as it helps to maintain the stability of websites or applications. From entertainment content, and e-commerce to finance, and banking, businesses of all kinds are applying CDN to speed up their website or application.

The role of the CDN is to ensure the best end-user experience. Content on a Website or an application is like a water tank, while bandwidth is a conduit. CDN’s job is to optimize the flow of water through the pipe to bring the content to the viewer. The CDN can adjust the water flow accordingly to provide the best experience for the end user.

The main task of the CDN system is to store data from a Web server (Web Server), then distribute that data to each other server cluster in the CDN system. As a result, a CDN can quickly send content to users when they visit your Website or application.

A good content storage CDN is thanks to a cache (Cache), which duplicates the content of your website or application in multiple CDN Server locations. For example, your Web Server is in Vietnam, but the CDN may host the content in Europe, Asia, Australia, or worldwide.

Using CDN Network can help businesses speed up Websites effectively. In addition, CDN technology also contributes to traffic load balancing, avoiding server overload because of excessive traffic and minimizing bad bots, etc.

CDNs are especially useful for delivering large amounts of content to users in remote areas of the world. Especially high-traffic websites such as E-commerce, Entertainment, and TV…

How important is CDN for a Website?

In the early days of the Internet, the content on websites was mostly just text and static images with low capacity. However, as the Internet grows, the content is also richer and larger in capacity. Animations and videos make loading this content instantly a burden on any Web Server system.

As the content grows larger, leading to slower and slower website loading speeds, the user’s patience decreases. Therefore, to ensure the best experience, providers must ensure that the website loads as quickly as possible.

CDN is a very important tool for businesses to quickly distribute website or application content globally. Essentially, a CDN is reducing the distance between a business’s content files and its users, so things load faster.

Depending on the size of the content (images, audio, video, streaming…) and the number of pages or applications that businesses need to optimize, CDN will have different deployment costs. However, when used effectively, a CDN will make your websites or apps more competitive. Here are some factors that make a CDN so important for a website:

Increasing productivity

Hiệu suất CDN Performance

High-performance CDN for effective Website acceleration

CDNs help enhance business website performance, resulting in a better user experience. CDNs also reduce resource consumption on your web server and still serve a large number of website visitors. CDNs do that thanks to the following features:

  • Compress images directly
  • Faster page loads through hi-tech infrastructure
  • Caching and purging pages
  • Fast DNS lookup
  • GZIP compression, reduce file and page size
  • HTTP/2 Support

Increased reliability

Băng thông CDN - Bandwidth CDN

Large bandwidth CDN increases the reliability of your website

If your web server receives too many requests, the system will try to handle them all. And when the demand for system resources exceeds the capacity of the server, your website or application will fail.

If there is a CDN integrated into the Web Server, all user requests must pass through the CDN Load Balancing System. This system will split the requests and push them to different CDN servers in the CDN network. This helps your website or application to be able to operate continuously even at peak times.


The more the Internet develops, the more diverse the needs of businesses are. Not only stopping at providing content quickly and stably, but many businesses also face security problems when the level of hackers is increasingly sophisticated. To be able to overcome the risk of being hacked into the website or application, businesses need advanced solutions.

In addition, the explosion in the number of connected devices, applications, and APIs on enterprise platforms increases security risks.

CDN solutions enhance website security in various ways. They can mitigate distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on Web Servers. In addition, CDN also works with Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) to prevent vulnerability attacks on Websites, applications, or APIs.

CDN WAF Bảo mât Website

CDN combined with WAF to speed up and secure the Website comprehensively

While the WAF acts as a monitoring station, filtering all traffic through the CDN. The CDN system can prevent some malicious attacks, and intelligently evaluate traffic patterns to detect other potential threats…

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Leading CDN provider in Vietnam.

VNCDN is the CDN brand of VNETWORK Joint Stock Company, one of the largest CDN providers in Vietnam, transmitting nearly 30% of the Internet traffic in the country. VNCDN has now become a major brand in the field of website acceleration leading in Vietnam and Asia.

VNETWORK’s VNCDN currently receives trust and companionship from big companies such as Tiki, Sendo, and Shopee. (3 out of 4 leading e-commerce companies in Vietnam).

Thanks to owning an advanced CDN technology platform with hundreds of servers spread in 33 countries (the most in Vietnam). VNCDN has helped large enterprises feel secure to operate in the Internet environment.

When comparing CDN solutions with each other, we can take very clear standards in terms of infrastructure (number of PoPs, CDN bandwidth) to know which is a large, capable CDN.

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