Hackers take advantage of ChatGPT to create phishing emails

Latest Update: 23/05/2024

Hackers take advantage of ChatGPT to create phishing emails

Hackers have been using the GPT-3 API developed by OpenAI to create a malicious version of ChatGPT in recent days. According to ArsTechnica , this vulnerability is being exploited to fool chatbots into writing harmful code and phishing emails. Many organizations have expressed concerns as dangers have increased, particularly in the email environment where they frequently interact and operate. So, what is the solution to this problem? Let’s read the article below.

Use ChatGPT to generate malicious code and phishing e-mail

ChatGPT is programmed to actively refuse requests to generate illegal content, such as requests to build harmful code to steal data or send phishing emails.

According to a recent study by security firm Check Point Research, hackers have now identified a simple way to circumvent these restrictions and use them to sell unlawful services over the Internet’s underground forums.

Hackers took advantage of this technical flaw by exploiting an application programming interface for text-davinci-003, one of OpenAI’s GPT-3 models. GPT-3 is a model variation created primarily for chatbot applications. OpenAI provides GPT-3 APIs and other modeling APIs for developers to integrate AI bots into their applications. Nevertheless, there are no limits on harmful content in this version of API-GPT3.

Malicious content like phishing emails and harmful code can be generated in this manner without the same restrictions that ChatGPT puts on ordinary users.

Hackers take advantage of ChatGPT to create phishing emails A user of an underground forum posted a photo demonstrating that ChatGPT can fulfill any request.
(Cre: ArsTechnica)

The fact that hackers can use this ChatGPT gap to create dangerous material such as malicious code and phishing emails has prompted many concerns, particularly about the dangers to corporate email systems.

Hackers will prioritize targeting and exploiting businesses and organizations. In addition to financial gain, the ability to simply write dangerous code in phishing emails sent through ChatGPT flaws can result in common repercussions such as data loss and system downtime that harm the company’s image and reputation, etc.

What is the solution for businesses?

Implementing an email security solution can allow firms to operate more sustainably in the face of threats, particularly phishing emails. One such solution is the EG-Platform (Email Gateway).

EG-Platform will scan incoming emails in the virtual area paired with AI technology to handle even the most recent viruses for phishing emails containing dangerous codes. When a threat is discovered, the system converts the malicious URL into an image. The EG-Platform will next examine a number of other signals, such as email headers, email domains, sender IPs, and so on, to ensure that the proper false email is banned. The business email will thereafter be safeguarded and segregated from attack

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Hackers take advantage of ChatGPT to create phishing emails EG-Platform system blocks phishing and malicious emails

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