Introducing the Origin Rule Solution of VNETWORK - Automation for server navigation processes.

Latest Update: 07/11/2023

Introducing the Origin Rule Solution of VNETWORK - Automation for server navigation processes.

VNETWORK, a top-notch network security firm in Vietnam, has launched the latest feature - Origin Rule, that helps automate the process of forwarding servers.

Key benefits of Origin Rule feature

Origin Rule is the software feature meticulously developed by VNETWORK to offer extensive support to businesses. It is a powerful tool to enhance performance and flexibility in customer network management.

Origin Rule is integrated into the Origin Shield system, marking an impressive milestone in the growth of the VNIS (VNETWORK Internet Security) solution ecosystem. This allows users to flexibly customize rules for specific purposes, helping to streamline traffic within a particular scope, thereby reducing latency and optimizing performance. This article will dive into the benefits and ways to leverage The Origin Rule to improve work efficiency, save costs, and time for businesses.

Here are the top advantages of the Origin Rule:

Server Load Balancing

If the system has multiple servers, Origin Rule is capable of switching them to ensure the stability of load distribution and no server is overloaded while others are active. This optimizes the performance of the entire server system by effectively implementing load balancing among servers.

Rule-Based Access Navigation

Origin Rule allows users to control traffic direction based on pre-established rules. This means that customers can direct traffic according to specific requirements, automating the navigation process and saving time.

Server Performance Improvement

Origin Rule Solution enhances server performance by ensuring that traffic is directed to the most suitable server. This helps minimize delays and optimize server response times, providing a better experience for customers.

Purpose-Based traffic forwarding

With Origin Rule, users can regulate the traffic flow based on specific purposes to meet not only the most complex but diverse customer requirements.

How Origin Rule Works:

Origin Rule Solution is developed by the technical experts at VNETWORK to assist customers in establishing effortlessly and efficient rules of traffic navigation.

Origin Rule The interface for configuring Origin Rules.

Simply follow the details guide to complete the setup of the Origin rule:

Step 1: Create a name for the rule

To create a rule, users first need to give it a name. Naming rules logically can make it easier to manage and save time when searching for different rules.

Step 2: Rule Configuration

The next step is to configure the rules to identify traffic direction requests. Origin rule allows users to customize flexible rules by setting diverse conditions such as GEO, Remote Address, and URI. After that, users can set the Origin type and the rule configuration supports FQDN or IPv4 addresses.

Then, if the system has multiple servers, users can choose IP Hash or Round Robin. This feature allows clients to customize rules to meet various requirements. Eventually, In case clients use Virtual Host, Origin Rule also supports custom host headers to ensure accurate redirection.

Step 3: Activate the rule

Once the rule configuration is done, customers create and apply the rules within the system. These rules help forward and distribute traffic based on the pre-established conditions, improving server performance.

Key benefits of Origin Rule feature

Development orientation and future mission of VNETWORK With the successful launching of the Origin Rule feature, VNETWORK believes it will be a useful tool to help businesses improve performance and manage network traffic rationally.

In the future, VNETWORK's technical experts will continue to research and develop network security and delivery solutions to enhance performance and comprehensively protect business data to meet customer needs, providing optimal convenience in operations and management.

Experience the effectiveness of the Origin Rule feature on the VNIS platform. Contact now for advice and support at Hotline: (028) 7306 8789 or or email to:

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