How to combat web scraping with WAF AI

Latest Update: 08/11/2023

How to combat web scraping with WAF AI

Regardless of whether you own a large or small website, your website system can completely become the target of a DDoS attack at any time. Therefore, website security testing is a matter of great concern for all businesses. This check helps them early detect vulnerabilities in the system as well as security risks that the website is facing. Join VNIS to refer to website security testing methods and effective anti-web scanning with WAF AI in the following article.

Why is website security testing important?

Security testing is an extremely important activity to ensure the safety of the website during operation and use. This is one of the necessary things to help businesses build a solid network security system to avoid risks and damage when hackers attack. In addition, website security testing becomes important for the following reasons:

  • Identify vulnerabilities in the system and potential security breaches from the website.

  • Analyze and measure the status of potential vulnerabilities of the system.

  • Detect any possible security risks in the system.

  • Help website developers fix and eliminate security issues through encryption.

For the above reasons, businesses should check their website security every year or two years. However, depending on the size of your site, you can increase the frequency of your checks for optimal performance.

The most accurate website security testing tools available today

Website security testing tools will help businesses understand the security status of the website quickly with high accuracy. At the same time, businesses will get timely solutions to solve the security errors they are facing.

Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic Tool:

This is a tool that helps you make statistics and reports in detail about the domain name as well as the links related to the website that you need to check. Besides, with Safe Browsing API integration and analysis technology, Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic will give you accurate and fast results about website information within the last 3 months.

**Norton Safe Web This tool will check the safety of a website for users and the devices they use to access it. You just need to paste the website address in, then the system will automatically statistics and analyze the data related to the website’s security data.

UnMask Parasites:

With the function of scanning the website and providing about the threats that the website is facing, such as suspicious lines of code that cannot be trusted. Unmask Parasites is one of the tools used by technical experts to periodically check website security.

URL Void:

URL Void is a web application that scans a website with more than 30 different tools such as Google SafeBrowsing, Norton SafeWeb, or MyWOT to identify threats. to the site, so the Void URL gives extremely accurate results. You just need to paste the website address to be checked, select SCAN NOW, and the Void URL will automatically scan and display the results.

Above are some tools to help check the security level of your website as well as to detect the vulnerabilities that the website is facing. In addition, you can also use some software to help check website errors as below.

Top 3 website error checking software

Using website error-checking software brings many conveniences to businesses compared to the traditional way of checking website errors. Here are the top 3 most used software today:

Nexpose by Rapid7

Nexpose is one of the world’s first website vulnerability scanners. With the feature of detecting and evaluating the system’s security weaknesses, integrating Live Monitoring with Live Board to help collect data and recommend security plans, and support users to monitor security status. secret in real-time. Nexpose is one of the most used software by large enterprises today.

Nessus Pro

When using Nessus Pro, businesses can detect website vulnerabilities according to OWASP standards & provide remedial measures. Detect weaknesses on Android, iOS, Window phone operating systems, IoT devices: computers, switches, routers, etc. At the same time, it supports patch testing of operating systems, web browsers, and software. This is a website error checking software that was voted by Gartner as the most popular security software in the world.

IBM Application Security on Cloud (SaaS)

IBM Application Security on Cloud is one of the most trusted software services that help protect web applications, mobile apps, and data on cloud platforms (icloud) effectively. If the cost of installing and using traditional vulnerability scanning software exceeds the budget, this will be an optimal solution that businesses should choose.

Currently, there are many ways to check the safety and security of a website, but using software to check will bring more convenience to businesses.

Website vulnerability scanning

Web scanning is considered an important part of website security testing. It helps to support the testing of websites during the development life cycle and after release, especially during the time the website is live.

However, nowadays hackers (hackers) often use web scanning tools to find vulnerabilities on Web/App. Their purpose is to find vulnerabilities and weaknesses on the target website for easy attack.

There are a few tools commonly used by hackers such as:

  • AnonGhost DDoS

  • Mummy Ghost DDoS (v1.4)

  • NetDestroyer (v1)

  • SOIC strong Orbit lon Cannon

  • SMG Doser

  • Server Fluder

  • Zaps UDP Flooder (v1)

  • NinjaGhost - UDP Flooder

These tools make it easy for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities and successfully attack.

The fact that hackers use tools to attack websites is not too strange for all of us. Therefore, to ensure website safety, businesses need to be equipped with comprehensive security solutions using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to optimize security.

How to prevent web scanning and website security with AI technology WAF cloud firewall

Currently, network security is one of the solutions being used by many businesses to prevent illegal website scanning from hackers and prevent network attacks on Layer 3, 4 and 7. , anti-web crawling, ensuring the integrity of the browser as well as the safety of the website.

VNIS - The comprehensive website security solution of VNETWORK Joint Stock Company is the first choice of businesses. With more than 10 years of operation, VNETWORK has provided and served for 2,000 customers in many different fields such as education, healthcare, entertainment, journalism, commerce, logistics, finance and information technology. Coming to VNIS, businesses can be absolutely assured of the quality as well as the ability to ensure the safety of the website, thereby limiting the risks from DoS and DDoS attacks.

VNIS is a service providing comprehensive website security solutions with CDN, Multi-CDN systems in 32 countries (with more than 2,300 PoPs in the world), and Cloud WAF systems located in more than 8 countries, supporting Web Socket is suitable for any website and delivers content quickly to users around the world. At the same time, VNETWORK also enhances customer support services through a modern Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC - Security Operation Center) in four countries (Vietnam, France, Australia, Ethiopia).

At the same time, SOC plays the role of 24/7 monitoring of all activities and status of the main website, so the SOC system and VNETWORK’s technical experts can promptly detect and prevent attacks, helping The website is always protected and maintained effectively.

In addition, with the combination of the power of the Web Application Firewall (WAF) and the Multi CDN system, AI artificial intelligence technology, website security services - VNETWORK’s VNIS is a comprehensive solution to help businesses against attacks on website security vulnerabilities such as XSS, SQL Injection and especially the top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities. Thereby, helping the website always operate smoothly and safely.

If you have any questions regarding website security services or experience with VNIS, please leave a message below so that our experts can assist you as soon as possible. Or you can also call our quick support hotline at: (028) 7306 8789 or or email to:

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