Ransomware attacks the US fuel organization

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Ransomware attacks the US fuel organization

A source from Reuters in early May 2021 said: a cyberattack has targeted Colonial Pipeline - a company specializing in supplying fuel in the US East Coast.

It is known that Colonial transports about 2.5 million barrels of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel through 8,850 km of pipeline, accounting for about 45% of the fuel supply for the US East Coast.

This cyber-attack has been identified by cybersecurity experts as Ransomware ransomware. A type of malware that has been around for more than 5 years and is used exclusively by hackers around the world.

Ransomware can attack businesses in many different ways, but the ultimate goal is still data encryption and blackmails the business.

Specifically, this type of Ransomware infected Colonial Pipeline’s network and immediately executed the data encryption commands to lock the entire system. Colonial Pipeline was unable to carry out the usual fuel transport operations and was forced to notice closure.

The current solution that this business is implementing is to contact the legal agency to support, and also look for a 3rd party specializing in cybersecurity to support IT rescue. However, the US FBI government agencies said they still do not have detailed information about the person behind the attack.

Where do businesses get infected with Ransomware?

After infecting the user’s computer, it will spread across the enterprise’s network and encrypt the organization’s data. The two most common forms of Ransomware infection are:

  1. Ransomware malware is spread into the enterprise’s network through email, namely attachments or URLs inside the email. When reading the message and clicking on the attachment, Ransomware will be activated. An email has been identified as the main route of transmission of Ransomware, especially corporate email.

  2. In addition, Ransomware malware can also be hidden in free software packages on the Internet. When users download and install, Ransomware will infect their computers and spread to corporate networks.

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