EG-Platform analyze and report threats to enterprise

Latest Update: 24/11/2023

 EG-Platform analyze and report threats to enterprise

Mail Gateway EG-Platform can analyze data about risks that can threaten business Email systems. To learn more about this possibility, let’s read the article here

Detailed report on the level of risk of incoming emails

EG-Platform analyze and report threats to enterprise

Report number of threats

As shown in the illustration, in all received emails, Mail Gateway EG-Platform detected dangerous emails up to 22%, and the remaining 78% of the total were normal emails.

Simultaneously with daily reports, the number of threatening attacks on business email systems is also statistically and fully recorded.

EG-Platform analyze and report threats to enterprise

Graph of the number of emails by type of attack

Visualize the number of emails by attack pattern

Mail Gateway EG-Platform will illustrate the number of emails by type of attack and represent them as a Spider Web Diagram. The chart helps to evaluate security performance by many criteria.

The most common types of attacks that are often recorded through the system are detecting suspicious behavior from the sender’s address, using emails with similar domain names, or fake emails.

A ransomware attack can cause great damage to businesses, and reduce business efficiency is also one of the threats that Mail Gateway EG-Platform can detect and prevent.

EG-Platform analyze and report threats to enterprise

Number of detected email attacks

Common types of email attacks detected include

  • Advanced Virus: Detects the latest viruses.
  • Ransomware: Detects a form of ransomware that is dangerous to businesses.
  • Virus: Detects emails containing viruses that are dangerous to users.
  • Dangerous URL: Detects dangerous URLs.
  • Falsified mail: Detects fake emails.
  • Sender Address: Detects suspicious behavior and signs from the sender’s email address.
  • Similar Domain: Detect suspicious behavior from emails with similar, nearly identical domains.

EG-Platform analyze and report threats to enterprise

The status of the mail to the recipient system

In addition, mail when detected by Mail Gateway EG-Platform as dangerous will be analyzed and filtered by status when it arrives at the recipient’s email system.

Specifically, 31,671 cases of mail arriving at the system (as shown in the illustration), including:

  • 26,934 cases through the Mail Gateway EG-Platform security system to the recipient’s mailbox.
  • 1,948 cases where the email didn’t reach the recipient’s mailbox.
  • 2,442 instances of emails being sent back to recipients.
  • 3 cases could not be sent to the recipient.
  • 333 failed submissions.

After analyzing factors based on the risk level of emails received, the system will classify actual attack incidents by type. In this way, the system helps to secure the user’s email comprehensively.

If you want to learn or experience the Mail Gateway EG-Platform service, please contact us directly via the quick support hotline: (028) 7306 8789 or email: or leave a message at the contact form below.

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