Optimizing Website with VNCDN: What Steps Should Businesses Take to Get Started?

Latest Update: 19/01/2024

Optimizing Website with VNCDN: What Steps Should Businesses Take to Get Started?

According to Google's latest research in 2023 on the impact of website speed on user experience, if the page load time increases from 1 second to 3 seconds, the bounce rate will rise by 32%. Similarly, if it goes up to 10 seconds, the bounce rate will skyrocket to 123%. This implies that businesses stand to lose a significant number of potential customers and revenue if their website is too slow. So, how can you efficiently speed up your website while saving costs? The answers lie in the following article.

Why Businesses Need to Utilize CDN for Their Websites

CDN, or Content Delivery Network, is a system of servers deployed across various geographical locations to deliver content quickly and efficiently to users. Here are the reasons why businesses should use CDN for their websites:

Speeding up Website Access

By distributing content to servers closest to users, CDN helps reduce latency, shorten transmission paths, and optimize content access speed. This creates a better user experience and lowers the bounce rate, as users tend to leave a website if the page load time is too long.

Reducing Load on Origin Servers

By serving static content, CDN helps minimize the load on origin servers. Resources such as images, videos, CSS, and JavaScript are stored and distributed to CDN servers, relieving the origin servers from handling the entire traffic load. This not only reduces the cost of maintaining and upgrading origin servers but also enhances resource efficiency.

Optimizing SEO Effectiveness

Page load speed plays a crucial role in a website's ranking on search engines, and CDN positively contributes to meeting this requirement. By distributing content to servers close to users, CDN reduces latency and speeds up page loading. This satisfies search engine criteria for fast and efficient websites.

The success of an SEO strategy depends not only on providing quality content but also on the ability to respond quickly to user queries. CDN not only reduces the bounce rate but also helps the website achieve higher rankings in search results, significantly impacting the SEO performance of the website.

Increasing Website Reliability and Security

One of the significant benefits of using CDN is its ability to resist DDoS attacks. By distributing traffic to multiple servers, CDN helps reduce the pressure on origin servers and protects the entire online system. Distributing traffic also helps reduce the risk of overload, maintaining the stability and reliability of the website even in the face of incidents. The CDN system actively shares tasks among servers, ensuring that the website remains robust and capable of handling high traffic.

Types of Websites that Should Utilize CDN

E-commerce Websites

For e-commerce websites with high traffic and a widely distributed user base, integrating CDN is a strategic decision to enhance user experience and the brand's reputation. CDN not only accelerates page load speed and improves performance but also strengthens security and data safety for the business, minimizing the risk of user data loss.

Entertainment Service Providers

Entertainment websites offering services like streaming movies, online gaming, or music playback often contain a substantial amount of content such as videos, images, and audio, consuming significant bandwidth and time for loading. This can lead to user impatience and decreased engagement, making users prioritize other platforms with better quality. By using CDN, entertainment websites can significantly reduce access time, enhance content quality, minimize latency, and improve load-bearing capacity to better serve users.

Business Websites Providing Products, Services, and Communication

Businesses offering products, services, and communication often need to distribute content to various markets. Without CDN, content updates and synchronization may be slow, resulting in a poor user experience and impacting brand reputation. CDN addresses this issue by distributing static content to CDN servers close to users. This reduces website loading times, accelerates content updates, and provides a better user experience. Consequently, businesses can increase accessibility and spread their content, enhancing their reputation and brand.

To ensure the selection of a reliable and suitable CDN provider, businesses should carefully consider the following factors: the provider's reputation (operational history, financial capability, partner relationships, etc.), the ability to meet business needs and service quality (traffic volume, types of content to be distributed, additional features and services, etc.), and pricing along with contract terms.

VNCDN - Leading CDN Solution Provider in Asia

VNCDN is currently the top CDN solution in Asia, developed by VNETWORK Corporation with over 280 Points of Presence (PoP) in 33 countries worldwide, ensuring fast and stable content delivery with a reliability rate of up to 99%. With advanced CDN technology, VNCDN enhances business efficiency, improves user experience, and reduces system operation costs while safeguarding information on websites.

Additionally, VNCDN can handle simultaneous access from over 5 million users, processing more than 8 billion requests daily, with international uplink bandwidth up to 57 Tbps and domestic bandwidth up to 10 Tbps. VNCDN employs advanced technologies and features such as HTTP/3, Mid Tier Cache, WebP image format, Transparent Caching, SSL/TLS, Origin Shield, etc., to optimize speed, performance, and security for customer websites.

VNCDN also provides a user-friendly management interface, allowing customers to configure settings, monitor activities, receive reports, and support RESTful API. As a leading CDN provider in Asia, VNCDN has gained the trust of many large enterprises and is widely used in the region

Optimizing Business Websites with VNCDN: Key Benefits

Accelerated Page Load Speed and Reduced Latency (Lag)

VNCDN utilizes a global network of distributed servers to minimize the physical distance between users and website servers, optimizing page load speed and reducing latency. This provides users with a fast and smooth experience, helping retain customers and enhancing conversion rates for businesses.

using-CDN-eng.png VNCDN Accelerates Website Speed

Bandwidth Consumption Reduction

VNCDN stores static content such as images, videos, and documents on distributed servers close to users. This reduces the physical distance and transmission time of data, resulting in up to an 80% reduction in page load time. Additionally, VNCDN helps alleviate the load on the origin server by caching static content, reducing bandwidth consumption, and storage costs for businesses.

Increased Reliability and Security

VNCDN integrates robust security features, including TLS/SSL certificates and advanced server systems, ensuring the business website operates securely and steadily even during attacks. TLS/SSL certificates encrypt transmitted data, preventing threats like information spoofing. The advanced server system, featuring NVMe+ and SSD drives, enables VNCDN to flexibly handle sudden traffic spikes, ensuring the website remains stable.

Enhanced SEO Ranking

VNCDN uses a distributed server system to reduce the physical distance between users and servers, consequently reducing page load time. This not only improves SEO rankings but also enhances user experience, reducing bounce rates and increasing conversion opportunities.

By leveraging VNCDN, businesses can achieve these benefits and create a seamless online experience for their audience.

Optimizing Your Website with VNCDN: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Sign Up for VNCDN Service

  • Visit VNCDN's website at
  • Engage with VNCDN's team of experts to discuss your business needs and receive guidance on choosing a suitable service package. Experience the free 1TB trial package.

Step 2: Partnership Agreement and CDN Configuration

  • After the trial period, VNETWORK will establish a contractual agreement based on your business usage requirements.
  • Upon signing, VNETWORK's expert team will configure the CDN for your website.

Step 3: Test CDN Effectiveness

  • Use website speed measurement tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, Pingdom, etc.
  • Compare results before and after CDN implementation.
  • Review metrics such as page load time, page size, number of requests, bounce rate, caching time, etc.
  • Evaluate the improvement in user experience and SEO.

Step 4: Evaluate Results and Adjust CDN Configuration if Needed

  • Monitor traffic, bandwidth, errors, attacks, etc., through VNCDN's management dashboard.
  • Analyze data and identify issues or improvement opportunities.
  • Adjust CDN configuration options to address issues or leverage opportunities.
  • Reassess CDN effectiveness and ensure the website operates stably and efficiently.


In the increasingly competitive and challenging landscape of the online market, optimizing website speed has become the key for businesses to survive and thrive. For enterprises seeking an effective and straightforward solution to enhance user experience and boost website performance, VNCDN stands as a reliable partner.

By integrating VNCDN into the website optimization strategy, businesses have the opportunity not only to accelerate loading times but also to enhance image quality, reduce latency, and improve SEO rankings. Through this, they can optimize user experience, retain customers, and strengthen their competitive edge.

Embark on the journey of optimizing your business website's speed with VNCDN today. Contact the hotline at (028) 7306 8789 or contact@vnetwork to register for integration and experience the positive transformation of your business website.

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