How to prevent the top 10 latest OWASP vulnerabilities

Latest Update: 23/05/2024

How to prevent the top 10 latest OWASP vulnerabilities

The list of top 10 OWASP security vulnerabilities has been published about the location change as well as updated with new vulnerabilities in 2021. OWASP threats will cause businesses to leak data. Customer data, information transactions, use of control, and even a business website can’t be used in the attack is sophisticated. To be up the new public code, businesses need to use safeguards against cyberattacks as well as raise awareness of their prevention. Let’s find out with VNETWORK what the top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities are as well as solutions to help businesses protect against those cyber attacks.

What is OWASP?

Open Web Application Security (OWASP) is an American non-profit organization founded in 2004, OWASP is considered a cybersecurity document awareness standard for developers and Web application security. OWASP works to improve the security of software, through open source project code contributed by the global member commodity community.

In 2021, OWASP publishes a report of 10 critical security risks (Top 10 OWASPs) based on all data compiled from more than 40 partner organizations such as Security Innovation, Qualys, Proack Security,… The OWASP Top 10 highlighted the serious damage to enterprise’s cybersecurity and encouraged businesses to incorporate reports into security companies to improve their defenses against conversations. cyber security attack.

Top 10 OWASP Vulnerabilities in 2021

In 2021, OWASP added three new lists of vulnerabilities as well as changed the locations to match the current updated threat level. Three newly established lists are Insecure Design, Software, and data integrity failures, and Error tracking and logging.

List of Top 10 OWASPs in 2021:

  1. Access control is broken.
  2. Cryptographic Failures.
  3. Injection.
  4. Insecure design: New directory, false benefits,useescape in design to attack.
  5. Security Misconfiguration.
  6. Vulnerable and obsolete components.
  7. Identification and Authentication failed.
  8. The full error of software and data: error gives hypothetical relevance to software updates and importantdata that is not determined as a whole.
  9. Logging and tracking errors.
  10. Server Side Request.

How to prevent the top 10 latest OWASP vulnerabilities

Update new vulnerabilities in 2021

OWASP ZAP security tool

OWASP ZAP (OWASP Zed Attack Proxy) is an open-source web security application code project developed by the OWASP organization. In it, ZAP stands for “man-in-the-middle proxy” which plays the role of standing in the middle of the website’s browser to check the user, to be able to closely examine the information sent as well as modify it.

Similar to OWASP Top 10, this project is developed based on the contributions of a community of hundreds of thousands of users around the globe. The main function of OWASP ZAP is to help businesses find vulnerable websites automatically. In addition, this project but was the plus rating is the projected the web, an open-source web application security application that is active and constantly updated to a new status.

Some features of OWASP ZAP such as:

  • Support web socket.
  • Supports multiple scripting languages.
  • Plug-n-Hack Support.
  • Authentication and support version.
  • Powerful REST-based API.
  • Auto-update option.
  • Integrated and growing market of add-ons.
  • Auto Scanner.
  • Passive Scanner.
  • Browse required.

Prevent Top 10 OWASP Security Vulnerabilities

With the announcement of the top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities updated in 2021, businesses need to pay more attention to network security issues when the variables that can attack network vulnerabilities become more and more sophisticated and dangerous. Pioneering prevention methods such as: setting up backups, checking the source code, minimizing the installation of useful websites, and backing up data continuously every day, every month.

In addition, examples such as web application firewalls (WAF) from current security solutions such as VNIS(VNETWORK Internet Security) can help businesses solve the problem of vulnerabilities from the top 10 OWASP.

How to prevent the top 10 latest OWASP vulnerabilitiesImprove security with VNIS

VNIS not only helps your business improve the transmission capacity of the website but also strengthens defenses against cyberattacks on the host web. Here are some outstanding features of VNIS to help businesses secure more effectively:

Content Affiliate Delivery Network (Multi CDN).

Content delivery networks (CDNs) link together to form a powerful Multi CDN network with 2,300 PoPs globally, and broadband CDNs up to over 2,600Tbps. This power is up and used to be that VNIS provides additional CDN features to increase power with the world’s leading CDN, making it easy for businesses to upgrade and add more CDNs to their Multi CDN system. This method also lifts high more support user access in the market near China but does not need paper-providing internet content (ICP license).

AI Load Balancing combined with real user monitoring (RUM) technology.

The load balancer is integrated with artificial intelligence by VNIS to help navigate the access to the webserver more optimally, AI Load Balancing will help businesses easily check for malicious access and make real requests. of the user to the final destination.

VNIS upgrade with load balancing is the work of adding system RUM, your secure website always works 100% even under attack. With VNIS, businesses will be able to easily analyze the reports of their business website in a more convenient way, when everything cooperates on a single interface.

VNIS strengthens support for businesses with the SOC system in many countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vietnam, … along with a team of experienced experts in the field of security to support businesses 24/7.

Cloud web application firewall system (Cloud WAF) located in many countries, improving security for businesses at Layer 7 (application layer) when internet providers often ignore (only file middle in Layer 3 and 4). The parallel Cloud WAFwith the ability to actively boost and remove malicious traffic such as DDoS and vulnerabilities is eliminated thanks to the System Scrubbing Center.

Besides, VNIS’s smart web application firewall also helps enterprises to solve the top 10 latest vulnerabilities of OWASP with Cloud WAF, with custom XSS, Cloud WAF SQL, and Common Injection rule set to help enterprises. enterprise to prevent OWASP state Injection attack. VNIS’s smart WAF cooperation helps bots to protect and manage APIs more tightly, as OWASP reports in 2021 with 40% falling into Broken Access Control, 23% Injection, and 31% being Ferrosement Sensor data.

To answer questions related to website security or to prevent public vulnerabilities from the top 10 OWASP, please contact the hotline (028) 7306 8789 or or email to:

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