How VNIS helps customers minimize Cloudflare's outage

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

How VNIS helps customers minimize Cloudflare's outage

On June 21, 2022, Cloudflare caused an outage of more than 60 minutes, affecting businesses that were using Cloudflare services to speed up their websites or fight cyberattacks.

When the configuration error occurred, 19 data center points that account for the highest percentage of Cloudflare’s traffic stopped working, such as Amsterdam, Chicago, London, Sydney, Mumbai, and Singapore,… Customers of businesses using Cloudflare at these points will not be able to access the website to contact, transact or have their data stolen when the vulnerability is created from the Cloudflare update.

Although Cloudflare has confirmed that this is just an issue to improve future resilience, the consequences for their users are irreversible, especially the trust in the brand of Cloudflare. those businesses.

How has VNIS protected customers’ websites against the Cloudflare issue on June 21, 2022?

Cloudflare is one of many CDNs that VNIS can add through the platform’s CDN power upgrade (Power-Ups) feature. When the problem occurred, the intelligent load balancer (AI Load Balancing) quickly selected another CDN that was best suited to replace Cloudflare at this time.

The chart below shows thatAI Load Balancing was used to swap CDNs with each other over a certain time frame, to keep your website up and running. In this case, our team of experts is using a test site with VNCDN and Cloudflare CDN installed. During that time, VNCDN experienced some spikes in traffic in the states due to a performance drop in Cloudflare, which automatically migrated to VNCDN to keep the site performing at its optimum.

How VNIS helps customers minimize Cloudflare's outage

Regular swaps are made from Cloudflare to VNCDN in the US

This helps customers of businesses using VNIS always receive the most optimal and wonderful experience.

Besides, on the diagnostic signal (Pulse) graph, our experts show a spike in Cloudflare latency and a decrease in Cloudflare availability in the same timeframe. This gives us the clearest illustration of what is happening if businesses only use Cloudflare’s CDN instead of many CDNs that come with VNIS’s Power-Ups capabilities.

How VNIS helps customers minimize Cloudflare's outage

Latency spike and drop in availability for Cloudflare on Pulse

Prevent and prevent incidents from happening again

The Cloudflare incident on June 21 was a wake-up call to remind businesses to take precautions to deal with similar outages if service providers The website has a problem. Therefore, the cloud platform (Cloud) will be an effective assistant to help businesses recover from serious incidents.

From the perspective of a business owner, imagine if one day customers turn away from your business because they have suffered too much trouble when using your service due to interruptions from attacks or errors. by a CDN service provider… What will you do to make customers trust again?

Small and mid-sized businesses may have room for error, but some large companies impacted by outages like Zeroha, Upstox, Discord, or cryptocurrencies like Coinbase and CoinMarketCap are out of luck. As a result, it causes billions of dollars in damage.

More than 2000 businesses in various fields such as commerce, media, journalism, entertainment, logistics and other fields have successfully brought safety and optimization to their websites as well as customer experiences with VNIS. . Do not hesitate any longer, protect your website today by leaving information below or contact hotline (028) 7306 8789.

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