VNETWORK provides solutions for Infrastructure

Latest Update: 23/05/2024

VNETWORK provides solutions for Infrastructure

VNETWORK Joint Stock Company has been operating for more than 10 years with about 12 IT products and services. Which, VNETWORK focuses on 3 main groups of solutions including INFRASTRUCTURE, TRANSPORTATION, and SECURITY. We also aim to become a top-quality Cybersecurity Response Center in Vietnam and Asia. Currently, VNETWORK has a team of human resources and technical experts to support 24/7 in Vietnam and many countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea.

3 Main solutions of VNETWORK


Location (Colocation at Vietnamese ISPs meeting international Tier III standards), Rack, Physical Server, Cloud Server (Public Cloud, Private Cloud), Cloud Storage (supports S3 Interface like Amazon), Object Storage.


CDN (Content Delivery Network) and Multi CDN (Multiple CDN) solutions help speed up the transmission of websites and applications. In addition, we also support Video transmission for OTT, Entertainment, and Television industries, with a Transcoding solution.


  • Website and application security solution (WAAP - Web Application and API Protection): With Cloud WAF (Web Application Firewall), Anti DDoS, protects websites and applications, and APIs from DDoS attacks, vulnerability attacks security holes.

  • Email server security solution: We also develop an Email Gateway solution, like a Firewall in front of the customer’s origin server. Email gateway helps to filter all Email streams from Email Servers. This Firewall system helps to filter spam (junk email), ransomware, viruses, and promotional emails… Email gateway will ensure that the emails sent to the end users are completely clean emails. Ultimately, this solution keeps businesses safe from email attacks, or data encryption attacks.

  • VNETWORK’s digital content copyright protection solution (DRM - Digital Rights Management) helps protect digital content copyright for TV stations (specializing in providing copyrighted video content such as football). Since some copyright sellers require content publishing organizations to protect online copyrights, DRM solutions are mainly used for broadcasters.

Infrastructure Solutions

Public Cloud: We meet the needs of customers who want to use large bandwidth Cloud services. Some of the benefits and salient features of this service are as follows:

  • Speed test domestic network 10Gbps, international network 3Gbps

  • Read speed 53,000 IOPS, Write speed 17,900 IOPS

  • FREE 1Gbps domestic bandwidth sharing

  • FREE 300Mbps international bandwidth sharing

  • Support full VM backup, fast data migration

Private Cloud : This solution is provided according to customer needs. For example, a customer with a plan for next year needs a Cloud cluster. At this time, VNETWORK will create a configuration according to the capacity that customers need. VNETWORK will build for a customer a private Cloud cluster and only that customer uses this infrastructure.

Colocation : VNETWORK is a golden partner (VIP Partner) with ISPs in Vietnam. We have a good price policy to supply back to domestic and foreign units. Instead of these units having to work directly with ISPs, they do not have a good pricing policy like a VIP Partner.

Transmission Solutions

CDN service : As mentioned in the beginning, VNEWORK is oriented to develop strongly in the field of security (Security). But for good security, first of all, there must be a strong infrastructure. VNETWORK has been developing its infrastructure since 2015 continuously until now.

Currently, VNETWORK has more than 280 PoPs CDN worldwide. Vietnam CDN bandwidth has reached more than 3Tbps uplinks. We have hundreds of servers located throughout all Vietnam Data Centers. Server configurations are all new servers. The capacity of each server is used according to the quality standards recommended by the company.

The CDN performance with the name VNCDN of VNETWORK reaches a Hit Rate rate of more than 99%. The higher the hit rate CDN has, the lower the request rate to the origin server. Hit Rate is one of the criteria to evaluate the performance (performance) of a certain CDN system good or bad.

VNCDN’s CDN bandwidth reaches more than 3Tbps uplinks, real-time traffic is running approximately ~1.2 Tbps.

In Vietnam, there are 4 largest e-commerce units, of which 3 have used VNCDN’s CDN.

VNETWORK has a team to monitor latency on each performance of CDN servers. This helps us know which servers with high latency will switch to another CDN server. This helps ensure the best experience for end users when they visit your website or application.

VNETWORK provides solutions for Infrastructure

VNETWORK’s CDN performance reaches more than 99% Hit Rate

Transcoding service: This service is for OTT (Over the Top) units. Because the input video with the original profile will be converted into multiple profiles with different bitrates, making the end-user experience better. Previously, when this Transcoding technology was not available, people would use Mp4, and when the end user’s network was slow, the video would stand or rotate, waiting for the next download to be viewed.

This Transcoding technology will help when the end user’s network is slow, that bitrate will switch from high profile to low profile. As a result, the end user can watch the video continuously, although the video quality may decrease, and blur, but not stop.

Cloud Storage Service: VNETWORK has hundreds of TB (Terabyte) of storage. The servers are located in the leading Data Centers in Vietnam. Currently, we are providing this service to large OTT customers such as NCT, and THVL…

VNETWORK provides solutions for Infrastructure

CDN, Cloud Storage, and Transcoding services support streaming video for OTT

Website Security Solutions

VNETWORK provides solutions for Infrastructure

Solutions for Infrastructure

For customers who have needs for website, application, or API security… we have developed the VNIS platform with the ability to integrate multiple CDNs (Multi CDN), and multiple WAFs (Multi WAF) in Vietnam. South and around the world.

In addition, there are some salient features of the VNIS platform as follows:

  1. AI Load Balancing : Load Balancing of Global CDNs

  2. Scrubbing Center : Load balancing WAF systems in many countries and regions

  3. Power-ups CDN : support to access content to users in difficult markets like China (China access) with an ICP license or without an ICP license

  4. SOC - Security Operation Center : combined with VNIS, helping to monitor network security continuously in real-time (real-time monitoring)

  5. Support local, global 24/7 : A typical case is that HSC Securities Company has tested (POC - Proof of Concept) many times but still has not decided to use VNIS. One day, when they got DDoS, at that time VNETWORK Team was on vacation. But the VNETWORK team also quickly integrated VNIS into the system to help them recover immediately. This is the story of the fast support we have satisfied many of our customers.

Multi CDN feature : VNIS allows the integration of many different CDNs around the world such as Akamai, Fastly, Cloudflare, Alibaba Cloud, Stackpath, Tencent Cloud, and CDNetworks,… All the world’s top CDNs can integrate into the VNIS system.

Customers can enable many different CDN systems at a time. Each user accessing the website or application, the latency of the user with good performance, the AI will distribute the traffic to that CDN.

For example, when a user is using the network of an ISP, at this time, VNCDN’s CDN is having good performance, so the AI will transfer the user’s access load to VNCDN’s system. This helps to avoid the risk of having a CDN fail. The intelligent AI load-balancing system will automatically switch to the best CDN to make the website or application accessible at all times.

Multi CDN is one of the outstanding technologies on the VNIS platform that other security systems in the world do not have.

For example, when a customer uses CDN Akamai or CDN Cloudflare if their CDN fails, the customer’s website or application will also stop working. But if the customer usesVNIS’s Multi CDN platform, the system will automatically switch to another CDN. VNIS does that thanks to theAI Load Balancing systemworking inside.

This load-balancing system helps VNIS detect the best-performing CDNs to choose for content delivery. As a result, VNIS can help customers’ websites or applications operate continuously and faster.

Multi WAF feature : In addition to the WAF system in Vietnam, VNETWORK also has WAF in many other countries and territories. Our WAF system helps to protect against client web server attacks. For example, if there is an attack flow in Taiwan to the customer’s web server system, the Scrubbing Center system (WAF load balancing system) will transfer this attack stream to a WAF cluster located in Taiwan. This helps filter and block attack streams from Taiwan without affecting the customer’s web server system running in the country.

VNIS’s WAF is developed based on OWASP’s security rules. Regardless of WAF, Anti DDoS must use these top 10 rules (Top 10 OWASP) for enhanced security for a customer’s website or application.

WAF VNIS has more than 2,200 security rules (rules) that help filter vulnerability attacks such as SQL Injection, XSS, and Generic Injection… These are forms of attacks on the application layer - the upper data layer. client’s website or application.

VNETWORK has WAF servers located at all ISPs in Vietnam and hundreds of WAF servers around the world.

Many Financial Securities and E-wallets have used VNIS to ensure enhanced performance and security for websites and applications.

Email Server Security Solution

VNETWORK provides solutions for Infrastructure

VNETWORK’s Email Gateway is certified by Gartner, Rapid7, and ITSCC (IT Security Certification Center)

An email gateway system called EG Platform of VNETWORK helps block spam, promotional emails, ransomware, phishing emails, new viruses, and especially targeted email attacks (APT, BEC).

The EG Platform system will pre-filter so that emails to users are guaranteed to be completely clean emails. When the user clicks to open the email, it will not be affected.

EG Platform has AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), and VA (virtual domain) systems against all targeted attacks and email distribution attacks.

With an incoming email, the AI will learn all the elements such as domain, header, body, and footer and learn the path history of that email, see if they are distributed from another server.

For emails containing new viruses, the EG Platform system has a virtual zone. The virtual zone will open that email, check the zipped attachment in the email. This virtual area will check and know when opening an email, it will change the end user’s computer (including RAM, CPU, and executable software…). The virtual zone helps limit the risk of attacks from new viruses.

EG Platform is certified by the world’s leading security organizations such as Gartner, Rapid7, and ITSCC.

The integration of the EG Platform security firewall is quite quick, just point the MX record of the mail server through the EG Platform to complete.

If you are looking for cloud-based security solutions but have not identified the problem you need, please leave your contact information in the form below. Our experts will assist you quickly. Or you can also call our quick support hotline at: (028) 7306 8789.

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