VNETWORK enhances comprehensive management Portal for Cloud Server system

Latest Update: 14/03/2024

VNETWORK enhances comprehensive management Portal for Cloud Server system

To meet the growing customer demand for a simple and efficient Cloud Server management solution, VNETWORK has recently launched an upgraded all-in-one Cloud Server Management Portal in early March. This marks VNETWORK's commitment to enhancing customer experience and delivering the best Cloud Server service.

VNETWORK has affirmed its position as a leading provider of reliable and high-quality cloud infrastructure in Vietnam, offering comprehensive Public and Private Cloud solutions. With over 11 years of development, VNETWORK has been certified as a Science and Technology Enterprise by the Ministry of Science and Technology under No. 59/DNKHCN, and complies with important security standards according to ISO 27001 and ISO 20000-1. Up to now, VNETWORK has been serving more than 1000 Cloud Servers for businesses of all sizes both domestically and internationally, in various fields such as E-commerce (Sendo), Media (Thanh Nien Newspaper, Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper), Education (HCM City University of Technology, Esuhai Group), Services (Jollibee),...

In addition to investing in a comprehensive system infrastructure with modern hardware technologies such as SSD/NVME hard drives, VNETWORK continuously invests and develops new technological features to meet the increasing market demands. In March 2024, VNETWORK upgraded its portal to improve service quality and user experience. Here are some updates on the Comprehensive Cloud Server Management Portal by VNETWORK.

Comprehensive Cloud Server Management with VNETWORK Portal

“With VNETWORK's comprehensive Cloud Server Management Portal, users can easily manage all resources on a single interface, monitor Cloud Server performance and usage status in real-time, quickly troubleshoot issues, and optimize operational efficiency. Thereby, businesses can save time, costs, and resources in managing Cloud Server, optimize operational activities, and focus on key business plans.” – According to Mr. Nguyen Kim Tho, Head of R&D at VNETWORK.

Portal_Cloudserver1.png Pic 1: Overview of VNETWORK's Comprehensive Cloud Server Management Portal

In this upgrade, the outstanding features have been updated to the Comprehensive Cloud Server Management Portal:

1. Flexible Activation/Deactivation

When using VNETWORK's Comprehensive Cloud Server Management Portal, users are equipped with the ability to flexibly start or stop Virtual Machines (VMs) with just a few clicks. This feature helps businesses optimize resource utilization and saves costs by only paying for VMs that are running. This reflects VNETWORK's commitment to flexibility and efficiency in managing customers' cloud computing infrastructure.

Portal_Cloudserver2.png Pic 2: Dashboard Provides Users with Access to VM Status Customization

VNETWORK's Comprehensive Cloud Server Management Portal also empowers users to easily restart their VPS (Virtual Private Server) on their own, saving time and avoiding complex operating system procedures. This process is quick and safe, ensuring uninterrupted business operations and resolving issues such as software errors, hangs, and unresponsiveness. This helps optimize performance and ensure VPS stability. Overall, this feature helps users ensure VPS availability when needed and avoid work disruptions due to VPS issues.

2. Intelligent Resource Utilization Monitoring and Optimization

VNETWORK's Comprehensive Cloud Server Management Portal empowers businesses to directly manage, monitor, and assess the resources of each Cloud Server through intuitive reports that display real-time RAM and CPU utilization. Charts and statistics provide detailed performance and resource information, giving businesses a comprehensive and accurate view of their computing infrastructure.

Portal_Cloudserver3.png Pic 3: Visual Chart-Based Resource Performance Management and Adjustment

Furthermore, the Portal also provides an intelligent alert system that automatically detects and notifies users of any anomalies or when resource consumption reaches warning levels. This empowers businesses to respond promptly and proactively scale up resources to maintain cloud environment performance and stability.

To optimize this feature, VNETWORK's Cloud Server Management Portal provides businesses with the ability to adjust the configuration size of cloud servers based on their usage needs. This allows customers to flexibly upgrade or downgrade CPU, RAM, and storage capacity, ensuring that businesses always have the most optimal server configuration to suit each project and application.

Portal_Cloudserver4.png Pic 4: Rapid and Flexible VM Configuration Scaling

3. Transparent Cost Management and Instantaneous Resource Provisioning

With the instant VM provisioning feature, businesses can start using virtual machines (VMs) within seconds of payment. The online billing management system helps businesses easily track and control service usage costs, providing detailed transaction information for transparent billing and cost management.

Portal_Cloudserver5.png Pic 5: Swift and Easy Payment with Transparent Invoice Management

VNETWORK Cloud Server Development Roadmap

In addition to upgrading the comprehensive Cloud Server Management Portal, during this first quarter, VNETWORK will continue to invest in developing the Cloud Server infrastructure system, including using all SSD/NVMe drives to optimize system performance. Furthermore, VNETWORK will also deploy the Network Spine-Leaf model, providing high performance, flexibility, and reliability in connecting network devices in a data center environment.

Portal_Cloudserver6.png Pic 6: Server System Invested by VNETWORK in Q2/2024

For the next development phase, in Q2 2024, VNETWORK plans to introduce a range of new features on its Cloud Server solution, including Kubernetes management, Function as a Service (FaaS), comprehensive PostgreSQL database administration, and Load balancers. Additionally, the company will upgrade GPU capabilities with models such as A100, H100, and L40S to enhance processing power and system performance.

With the goal of meeting every customer need, VNETWORK continuously enhances and develops optimized Cloud Server solutions to deliver maximum satisfaction and utility for partners and users. Contact VNETWORK today to experience advanced Cloud Server solutions and a comprehensive Cloud Server management Portal via Hotline: +84 (028) 7306 8789 or Email:

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