VNIS provides security solutions to organizations

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

VNIS provides security solutions to organizations

Beginning in 2022, the entire world entered a phase of digital revolution, creating numerous high-growth prospects for the internet business sector. VNIS (VNETWORK Internet Security) has observed an increase in the number of consumers using online platforms of more than 20% compared to the first and second quarters of last year. Streaming platforms are the most popular category in the internet business market, followed by entertainment, e-commerce, and online education. These variables combine to produce a large need for the website’s transmission performance to be exceedingly high.

At the same time, statistics from the Department of Cybersecurity and Crime Prevention using High Technology, which has documented 1,555 threats to websites or web portals, reveal a severe problem with corporate website security. Furthermore, the Ministry of Public Security has identified 2,551 cyber attacks with a variety of malevolent intent. Information leakage and data theft are more potent than blackmail in causing major problems for many firms.

The abovementioned criteria allow VNIS to deliver comprehensive solutions in terms of transmission performance and website security for enterprises with great items such as

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

With Multi CDN systems located in many countries, VNIS is a service that thoroughly fulfills website transmission performance for enterprises in Vietnam and worldwide, increasing CDN bandwidth up to 2,600 Tbps. This enables VNIS to support enterprise websites capable of handling 6 billion requests (requests) from network attacks such as DDoS and Botnets that target the network layer (Layer 3) and the transport layer (Layer 4). VNIS’s multi CDN is integrated with AI intelligent load balancing and a real user monitoring (RUM) system to ensure that your website is safe and performing optimally even when it is under assault from DDoS and Botnets. Additionally, VNIS offers CDN power-up options with the world’s best CDNs, making it simple for businesses to upgrade and add more CDNs to their Multi CDN system.

Cloud-based firewall technology (Cloud WAF - Web Application Firewall)

VNIS Cloud WAF is the best option for any business that wishes to have a comprehensive security layer for the web application layer (Layer 7). VNIS has the capacity to assist businesses withstand attacks from the application layer, where key website data is stored, when combined with a web application firewall system situated in many countries. VNIS’ firewall can automatically detect and block all severe security flaws mentioned by OWASP (Top 10 OWASP), such as Broken Access Control, SQL Injection, Cryptographic Failures, and so on, ensuring that you are always secured. Furthermore, with over 2,000 sets of security rules and the ability to manage CRS (Core Rule Set), your business website will be protected from dangerous cyber attacks.

Over 2000 clients have used

VNIS is capable of meeting a wide range of requirements in industries such as entertainment, media, e-commerce, finance, logistics, and so on. Tik Tok, Tiki, HSC, VieOn, VPS, and more than 2000 domestic and foreign customers have chosen VNIS as a partner. This is to confirm the security capability of the online platform as well as to assure the safety of business activities.

To experience or listen to share about website security as well as solutions to increase website performance, businesses can immediately contact our security experts in the form (form) inside. below or call the quick support hotline at: (028) 7306 8789.

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