Should or should not rent VPS by the hour?

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Should or should not rent VPS by the hour?

Hourly VPS rental is a solution offered by virtual server providers to provide customers with more choices. Thereby, this can help you save costs while ensuring efficiency for work requirements.

What is an hourly VPS?

Usually, we will hear more about renting a VPS package. These include the cyclical service packages (3 months, 6 months,…) at VNETWORK. Compared to other types of VPS rental services, hourly VPS rentals do not have much difference other than the difference in the way the provider calculates the time.

In fact, the concept of hourly VPS rental is more broadly understood as you rent a virtual server from a provider for a specified period of time. That is, during that time, you will be given a certain amount of resources (resources) based on your costs and needs.

When to rent VPS by the hour?

There will not be a standard that regulates the hourly VPS rental. However, we can mention some of the following cases:

Firstly, when you need to develop a short-term project that only lasts 1-2 months. With such a short time, renting an hourly VPS will help you get started quickly and save money compared to using a translation package from 3-6 months.

Second, when you do not often use VPS. Depending on the nature or purpose of your work, you may not often use VPS or simply use it at times to deploy new products, for example. At this point, renting VPS by the hour will be more useful and flexible.

Note: Like choosing VPS by package, renting VPS by the hour you need to consider a lot of factors including CPU, RAM, hard drive/storage capacity, IP address and separate operating system.

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Here are some benefits from using VPS by the hour, hopefully you can choose for yourself a VPS package that suits your needs and nature of work.

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