About Us

We are a pioneer in the field of Cyber Security in Vietnam


In the early years of the 2010s, with a passion for technology research, as well as a grasp of global development trends and domestic resources, VNETWORK Joint Stock Company was founded with the orientation of becoming a distinguished and top-quality Cyber Security and Rescue Center in Vietnam.

VNETWORK has been honored to accomplish numerous milestones and achievements in the field of technology security after nearly ten years of development, including the Vietnam Security Summit 2019, Vietnam Cyber Security 2019, and the Vietnam Digital Awards 2019.

VNETWORK Safe & Saved - With the mission of providing safe and optimal service solutions, VNETWORK is trusted by over 2.000 domestic and international corporate customers in a wide range of industries, including entertainment, journalism, trade, logistics, finance, and information technology. VNETWORK's service solutions are currently available in Southeast Asian countries and are gradually expanding to the US & European markets.


Vision - Mission


Pioneering in the application of innovative and modern technologies around the world and striving tobecome a prestigious and top-quality Cybersecurity Rescue and Security Center in Vietnam and Asia.


VNETWORK Safe & Saved provides safe and optimal technology service solutions to help partners andcustomers achieve the highest level of business investment efficiency as well as be satisfied andcompletely secure when cooperating with VNETWORK.

Core Value

Four main fundamental ideals at VNETWORK, awakening potential and exploring human values, contribute to our team's positive inspiration simultaneously.

Nghĩ lớn
Think big

Different and unlimited Thinking. Establish a strong will, a willingness to take challenges, and the determination to see your ideas through to completion.

Nghĩ lớn
Understanding the market

Understanding the environment, the company's business activities, customers, and partners to provide products and services that meet rising customer demand and usage standards.

Nghĩ lớn
Customer - first

Understand the needs and expectations of customers both inside and outside the company and provide services that fulfill their needs and expectations.

Nghĩ lớn
Willing to self-study & develop

Self-exploration, information acquisition, and identification of personal advantages and limits, with the goal of overcoming constraints and developing strengths to improve work performance.

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