Infrastructure and Security Solutions for NFT Game Platform

  • Powerful Cloud Server infrastructure with 200Gbps uplink Switch, each server uplink 20Gbps.
  • The CDN, Multi-CDN system in 32 countries (with more than 2,300 PoPs in the world) supports Web Socket, suitable for all types of Games and quickly delivers content to users around the world.
  • Comprehensive security with the method of hiding the original IP Server with 2 layers of CDN and WAF.
  • The Cloud WAF system is located in more than 8 countries, completely preventing DDoS attacks and OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.
  • The SOC team will monitor 24/7, promptly detect and prevent attacks.

Powerful Cloud Infrastructure

Meet all storage and transmission needs

Cloud Storage S3 up to hundreds of TB safely and securely stores in-game images.

Quick deployment

VM initialization within 30 seconds. Support a variety of OS: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, FreeBSD.

Flexible configuration

Easily expand, increase or decrease the server configuration in accordance with actual needs. Using and managing is intuitive.

The global CDN, Multi-CDN

More than 2,300 PoPs placed all over the world

Guarantee the fastest response speed. Optimize your website/ app for excellent customer experience.

Lọc và chặn tất cả thư rác không cần thiết

Total bandwidth 2,600+ Tbps

The system mitigates attacks quickly.

Lọc và chặn tất cả thư rác không cần thiết

International CDN bandwidth up to hundreds of PB

Guarantee the best international transfer speed.

Anti DDoS, remove security vulnerability and hide the original IP Server

Lọc và chặn tất cả thư rác không cần thiết

Anti DDoS Layer 3,4 and Layer 7

Ensure the safety of your Game server and Game assets.

Lọc và chặn tất cả thư rác không cần thiết

Prevent attacks from security vulnerability

Avoid the risk of stealing user information and gaining access to the server.

Lọc và chặn tất cả thư rác không cần thiết

Hide the original IP Server 2 layers

Comprehensive security by hiding the original IP server through two layers of CDN and WAF.

SOC Team


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