Cloud Storage - Simple & reliable data storage service

  • Cloud Storage S3 mechanism (helps to store & retrieve data at all times)
  • Integrated CDN technology (fast and simple data transmission)
  • Total CDN inbound bandwidth over 8Tbps
  • 280 PoPs CDN in 33 countries

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage is a data storage model on Cloud over the Internet, managed by a provider. Help save costs on investment in physical infrastructure, ensure fast data retrieval. Cloud Storage has the scale of global data storage and the durability of the infrastructure to ensure that you can access data anytime, anywhere.

  • Cloud Storage of VNETWORK supports downloading data via FTP, WebDAV, File Browser.
  • Cloud Storage of VNETWORK used for Object Storage (App or data warehouse) and Block Storage (Database or ERP).
  • The physical server system is located at Data Centers of international standards such as VNPT, Viettel and FPT.
Registration Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage Combined With Transcoder & Live Streaming, VOD Service

Transcoder: Media file encoding & converting service, helping to reduce storage load. This is a smart video conversion technology, capable of converting Media content into a myriad of different profiles (standard, premium, HD...) and saving to STORAGE, then the system will automatically detect the user's internet status and return the appropriate profile. Transcoder saves bandwidth but still ensures the best Media quality for viewers.

Live Streaming, VOD: Live Video streaming service with high quality under 3S while saving storage space.

Storage & Expansion

Unlimited scalability, more data storage, the cheaper the price.

Cost savings

Cloud storage systems help save costs on investment in physical infrastructure.

Quick access

Ensuring fast data access anytime, anywhere, guaranteed infrastructure durability.

High data security

Cloud system with modern backup technology, Tier III international standard.

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