Anti DDoS Solution - Instant website recovery - 100% uptime commitment

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DDoS - The nightmare of websites around the world

The operation of your website will be interrupted when being under a DDoS attack which leads to great damage and cost lots of repairing costs.

Powerful DDoS protection from the world's leading CDN providers

Anti-DDoS Solution for all websites worldwide

Thanks to the combination of top global CDN providers so that the cloud-based DDoS protection can prevent any scale of DDoS attacks, ensure the high performance of website even when being attacked.

Effective immediately

Mitigate DDoS after integrating thanks to the huge anti-DDoS power with a total bandwidth of up to 2600 Tbps

Hide original server IP

Multi CDN helps hide the original IP server to obstruct the hacker DDoS attack process

Layer 3, 4 and 7 protection

Fight off all attacks on layer 3, 4 and 7, create tight security layers

Automatically protect 24/7

AI technology automatically monitors, analyzes and blocks unauthorized attacks on websites

Fingerprint HTTP

Identify all bad botnets going to the website, including the latest botnets

100% uptime service

Ensure a stable uptime for the website even when being attacked

Operation mechanism

We use multi-layer DDoS security protection into a service, including

Prevent attack on layer 3 & layer 4

Multi CDN provides a multi-terabit global distribution network every second, along with the use of AI technology automation to reduce DDoS attacks at layer 3 and layer 4

Prevent attack on layer 7

The Unified firewall platform - WAF tracks all requests of HTTP / HTTPS to allow or block such requests based on criteria such as title, cookie, customer IP and Other criteria that users can set up, protect layer 7 in the most efficient way.

Real-time attacks report

Security information and event management (SIEM) capable of collecting, analyzing and presenting attacks in the firewall (WAF)

Report the most hacked IPs

Traffic analysis

Easily set up detailed protection

Users can easily optionally set up DDoS prevention modes on only one dashboard. In addition, the platform has a 24-hour inline filtering feature to monitor and delete suspicious requests, helping to prevent DDoS attacks effectively all times.

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