Mail Gateway EG-Platform | International Standard Email Security Firewall

  • Protect Business Email 24/7 both ways receiving & sending.
  • Anti Spam, Malware, Spying, Ransomware, and Phishing Mail.
  • Smart Email security with AI & Machine Learning technology.
  • Against targeted email attacks: APT, BEC.
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Why use Mail Gateway EG-Platform?

EG-Platform is the next generation of Email security technology when applying the Virtual Area (Virtual Area) combined with AI and Machine Learning technologies to create many different security layers, completely overcoming the weaknesses of the systems. Regular business email system.


Build and customize rules for Spam filters. Spam filtering is based on Machine Learning data.


Check attachments and URLs, verify sender address and domain validity, and track outgoing Email routing,... all over the Virtual area.


Protect Email servers against intrusion and attack threats. Control and recall sent Email.

Highlights Features

Smart Email Protection solution helps detect and prevent today's most worrying email cybersecurity threats.

Lọc và chặn tất cả thư rác không cần thiết

Filter and block all unnecessary spam

  • Using Bayesian filter technology.
  • Incoming mail is evaluated by Machine Learning based on the Spam scale.
Kiểm tra biểu thức và tính hợp lệ của Email đến

Check the expression and validity of the Incoming Email

  • Check criteria according to international standards SPF, DKIM, DMARC.
  • Filter out all Spam Mail before reaching the user's mailbox.
Chặn virus và thư chuyển tiếp không hợp lệ

Block viruses and invalid forwards

  • Spam Mail filtering and blocking system based on user-built criteria.
  • Minimize Phishing Mail, viruses, and Ransomware.
Nâng cao hiệu suất vận hành của doanh nghiệp

Improve business performance

  • Eliminate Spam Mail to fully focus on work.
  • Prevents possible damage from email attacks.
Receive GUARD
Kiểm tra và phân tích Email đến trên Vùng ảo (Virtual area)

Check and analyze Incoming Emails on the Virtual Area

  • Check the authenticity of the header, domain name, and sender IP of the Incoming Email.
  • Open Email in Virtual Zone to check URL endpoint in Email, malicious code, and URL in attachment.
Phân tích hành vi để phát hiện virus và ransomware mới nhất

Behavioral analysis to detect the latest viruses & ransomware

  • Detect virus traces in Email with vaccine program (static check)
  • Spyware detection from the Windows environment changes when an Email is opened
  • Actively expand the search scope based on available data on the system.
Link lồng Link. Kiểm tra đến URL cuối cùng

Link nested Link. Check the last URL

  • Check to URL endpoints on Emails and Attachments.
  • Analyze user behavior on that URL.
  • Convert URL to image as soon as the danger is detected.
Kiểm tra tính xác thực của tên miền Email được gửi đến

Check the authenticity of the sent Email domain

  • Parsing spoofed character strings on incoming Email addresses.
  • Analyze & compare with previous real-time memory data.
  • Reverse the route of incoming Email, verify identity & block Email if sending a route is different from the original.
Bảo vệ hệ thống Email Server trước các tác nhân độc hại.

Protect Email Server system against malicious actors

  • Block system connection based on IP, Country.
  • Block connections from Outlook.
  • Detailed reporting via server access logs.
Ngăn chặn rò rỉ thông tin trên hệ thống

Prevent information leakage in the system

  • Build keywords to approve outgoing Emails.
  • Apply to text, titles, extensions, attachments,...
  • Set up email approval for each account..
Bảo vệ an toàn cho dữ liệu

Safeguard your data

  • Build keyword filters for each account, and business.
  • Set a separate password for each email sent.
Bảo vệ sự riêng tư của người dùng trên hệ thống

Protect the privacy of users on the system

  • Prevent Email forwarding through mail check.
  • Prevent information leakage due to the wrong Email
  • Recall Email has been sent.

Mail Gateway system certified on a global scale

The Mail Gateway EG-Platform system is the only email security solution that is resistant to targeted network attacks (BEC), targeted attacks (Target Attack), and non-technical attacks (Phishing Mail). All this is made possible thanks to the Dynamic Filtering system we have developed.

The Mail Gateway system passed 364 security tests of the world's leading network security unit RAPID7 with perfect scores.

The Mail Gateway system is the leading security solution in the field of “Convergence of AI and Security Technology”. Voted by Gartner as one of the top 10 IT trends today.

The Mail Gateway system is qualified to pass the rules of network security and ensure the security of the system in Korea.

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