Portal for your Multi CDN

  • Integrate, manage & optimize Multi CDNs (the world's leading CDNs)
  • SLA - Commitment to service quality, ensuring peace of mind when using VNETWORK's services
  • Support 24/7 network security monitoring with SOC systems in many countries
Go fast everywhere

Through VNIS's “AI Load Balancing” feature, the system delivers a website via Multi CDN autonomously for optimal performance.

Always prepared

Can you afford minutes or even hours of downtime? Multi CDN ensures 100% uptime for your website seamlessly.

Cost optimization

You can use premium CDN service with a VIP customer policy and the most favorable Multi CDN usage fee from the world's leading CDN providers.

Add more CDNs to your multi CDN with CDN Power-Ups

You can purchase and add additional CDNs to your Multi CDN lineup via the VNIS Power-Ups marketplace. When you need more CDN options, VNIS provides you the flexibility to select your preferred CDNs based on your requirements.

Multi CDN: better than traditional CDN

Measure performances

Find out how each CDNs are performing with a 360-degree analytical tool which provides live cache status, geographical distribution insights, and more.

Manage multi CDN, on one dashboard

Add, remove, configure, or toggle on/off CDNs without doing it each individually on different sites, all using one interface.

Bring your own CDN

If you are locked in a contract or wish to use a CDN provider that’s not currently being listed, you can always bring your own CDN to the platform by setting it up on the platform in just a few seconds.

Here are some of the CDN Power-Ups

CDN Power-Ups included in all plans

CDN system with 220+ PoPs in 22 countries all over the world


The most used CDN on the planet with solid PoPs globally.

AWS CloudFront

Massive PoPs and leverages Amazon backbone network.

Available CDN Power-Ups

Well protected CDN trusted by gaming companies.


Utilizes PoPs around China to provide speedy connection.


1,000+ China nodes and 500+ global nodes.


The largest CDN responsible for 15% to 30% of web traffic.

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