Transcoding - Encoding & converting service for Media file

  • Optimize bandwidth but still ensure quality
  • Detect internet bandwidth and return the appropriate profile
  • Transcode media into different profiles, reducing storage load
  • Integrate with CDN & Cloud Storage technology (storage & transfer data quickly)

Transcoding - Encoding & converting media file service

  • Support over 99% input format & codec
  • Automatically process according to users transcode requirements
  • Encode media files in many formats & resolutions such as 240p, 360p, 720p & 1080p
  • Solution for media businesses & OTT
  • Increase user experience
Registration Transcoding
Live Transcoding

Great users experience will boost your revenue

Our Live Transcoding & VOD Transcoding allow distributing content directly with different bitrates to fit connection speed of every viewer.

Live Transcoding

  • REST API is developer-friendly
  • Use RTMP live streaming for input
  • CDN-based notification authentication
  • Transcode in real time
  • Support for integrating other services into Live Transcoder
Input Protocol
Input Codecs
Live Recording Format
Output Codecs
Output Protocols

Input Stream (Mobile)
Resolution: 1080 x 720
Bitrate: 1 Mbps
Input Stream (PC)
Resolution: 1280 x 1080
Bitrate: 2Mbps & above

VoD Transcoding

  • Support multiple output formats
  • Provide subtitles for the hearing-impaired audiences
  • Multiple language support
  • Transcode and upload automatically to customer storage system
  • Modify the format without changing the video encoder
Input Protocol
Input Codecs
Live Recording Format
Output Codecs
Output Protocols
HTTP, WebDav, Watch Folder, Azure Cloud StorageH.264, AACH.264, AACH.264, ACCRTMP, HTTP-FLV, HLS

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