Cloud Server High Speed, Big Bandwidth

  • FREE 1Gbps share domestic bandwidth
  • FREE 300Mbps international bandwidth sharing
  • Support full Cloud Server backup, data migration quickly
  • Speed test domestic network 10Gbps, international network 3Gbps
  • Read speed 53,000 IOPS, Write speed 17,900 IOPS
  • 24/7 support: (028) 7306 8789

Cloud Server

Cloud Server of VNETWORK Joint Stock Company is a high-end SSD Cloud service for large enterprise organizations. Cloud Server is capable of storing and transmitting superior to the old Cloud Server technology, with many special features & utilities such as:

  • The server is built on a Cloud environment, a 100% high-speed SSD hard drive, helping to increase maximum data transfer speed (Read over 53,000 IOPS, Write over 17,900 IOPS)
  • High-quality SSD hard drive supports fast data transfer, anytime.
  • Get free 1 public IP for each Cloud Server.
  • Easily upgrade RAM, and CPU capacity to the highest level.
  • The speed test Network in Vietnam is over 10Gbps.
  • The speed test Network internationally is over 3Gbps.
  • Data backup mode 3 times/week.
  • The backup file stored 3 copies, in the last 7 days.
  • Many Web Security-intensive services, the biggest anti-DDoS Web.

Avaiable Packages

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The investment cost is extremely low

High-quality private IP

Many high-end gadgets

24/7 fast support service

Simple package upgrade

Easy to integrate security when needed

High-end and modern Hosting Cloud

Commitment to high-quality service

Comparison table of Cloud Server SSD and Cloud Server HDD

Cloud Server SSDFEATURECloud Server HDD


Data access time5,5 – 8ms

Read 53,000 IOPS

Write 17,900 IOPS

IOPS (data processing speed to an on each second)Read 400 IOPS
Write 133 IOPS

99.99% Uptime

Trusted level2 - 5% crash rate

About 6 hours

Backup TimeFrom 20 - 24 hours

Exceptional Features

Quick initialization

Cloud Server service is created quickly, and available immediately. Operating system according to customer requirements.

Back up as required

Optimal backup capacity, ensuring high data safety. Automatic backup every day.

Diverse ecosystem

Many extended services such as advanced security, anti-DDoS, and maximum website speed.

Cloud Server with high speed

Cloud Server uses a 100% high-quality SSD hard drive, ensuring uptime 24/7.

Modern technology

The most trusted server virtualization platform. New generation intel CPU, high availability, easy to use.

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited bandwidth with the highest speed, Network up to 10Gbps, unlimited traffic transmission.

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