SECU E Cloud - Smart Email Solution for Business

  • The only Email Solution that includes: Security & Convenience
  • Friendly Webmail interface, easy to use
  • Built-in Mail Gateway EG-Platform (International Standard Email Security Firewall)


One stop Mail Platform with AI | From inbound to outbound, be safe and convenient

  • Learning-based spam filtering | Customized spam manual for
    each enterprise
  • Counter Fraud Mail | Prevent the wrong remittance            
    and ransomware
  • Innovative control of outbound mail | Approval Management per position
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SECU E Cloud applying AI technology (Artificial Intelligence) & Machine Learning to help remove all harmful emails

Detect email phishing

By reading the original email and using machine learning to analyze fraudulent senders.

Filter sender’s email address

Each email address sent into the system will be recorded information on the number of submissions, IP address, ...

Inspect email information

Machine Learning will automatically scan the title, content,... of the email to record the sender's behavior.

Check email attachment

Emails containing attachments will be encrypted into images if a dangerous file is found.

Check for malicious URLs

An email containing the URL will be encoded as an image if malicious behavior is detected.

Send daily report

Users will receive reports of spam mail, blocked emails every day.

Certified by global assessments

Features are only available on SECU E Cloud

Secure Sending Email
Set password & recall email

Set password for outgoing emails to protect important confidential information. Easily recall sent emails and check many times the email opened.

Enhance User Experience
Attach large files

Support users to send attachments up to 10 GB via webmail or Outlook

Being introduced widely on newspapers

Features Comparing

The differences between SECU E Cloud with other providers

SECU E CloudOthers
Send security email--
Recall sent email--
Send large attachments (up to 10GB)--
Evaluate incoming email on the virtual area (VA)--
Inspect URL end-point & attachments--
Block email phising mail--
Remove known & unknown malwares, ransomwares--
Convert malicious email into image--
Detailed daily report--

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More than 1,000++ current customers using SECU E Cloud

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