7 ways to secure Business Email

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

7 ways to secure Business Email

In the current era of technology 4.0, Business Email is being focused on both professional Domain Names and the most advanced Security Solution, to ensure the Email system as well as the network are secure.

However, Email Security for Business is not easy, because today’s hackers are more organized, because they enjoy great bargains from attacks through Email vulnerabilities.

Therefore, Business Email Security is always a big issue for government organizations and businesses around the world. Because Email is the most important and popular mode of information transmission today in business activities. As a result, more and more businesses rely on e-mail, even when they need to send important information such as proprietary documents, personal sensitive information, customer account numbers or other information. about the secret talks.

Businesses today rely on e-mail as an essential form of communication. But are their emails really secure? To ensure the business activities of the business are safe, VNETWORK would like to share about 7 ways to keep the best corporate Email system secure:

7 ways to secure Business Email

Business Email Security is rated as the most urgent problem today

Step 1. Encrypt important email

If you send an Email without encryption, it can be blocked and read by hackers. You need to use Email encryption software. You can also use free email encryption software like: TrueCrypt. However, the great damage when an Email attack, network attack is not small, it can make your business disappear forever. Therefore, investing in a professional security system is necessary and not redundant.

Step 2. Verify

There are 2 things you need to verify clearly to ensure safety when using Email in business activities. That is:

Verify correct Email address.

Ensure Email is not stolen and content conversion on network connection. You can use free software downloads, or professional software, that is your choice.

Step 3. Note when using Web mail

Cyber security experts believe that email attacks are mostly aimed at Web-based emails. The most popular email types used in Vietnam today are Gmail. Be it personal Gmail or Business Domain Gmail service.

If you are using a Web Mail service, you need to ensure an encrypted connection with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Remember to check the https in the web address.

Some international Business Email Security providers like Hushmail and NeoMailbox are rated as secure. In Asian markets, the most secure email service for businesses is SECUMAIL.

Step 4. Educate employees

The human element has been identified as the main cause of attacks on enterprise networks. Therefore, hackers organized attacks based on human curiosity. They do everything to entice users to click on malicious code with fake email forms such as fake emails from the government, promotional emails, promotions …

The risks that come from emails are countless types. Hackers now often use botnet attacks to hijack a victim’s computer, thereby attacking the network to steal data.

According to statistics from the Internet, up to 70% of all emails sent in the world are Spam Mail. Of those, about 42% are phishing emails (phishing emails) that contain malicious URLs. When the curious email recipient clicks on the malicious URL, it will immediately activate the remote server control system.

Therefore, many companies have prepared the most common types of phishing attacks to ensure that their employees are more alert to email fraud.

Step 5. Update the software.

If you use email domains of companies like Gmail, you need to regularly update their new security versions. Installing updates and patches is very important.

Make sure you always get the latest updates from your provider, to make sure there are no attacks from Email Virus or even overload because of Spam Mail.

Step 6. Scan the Email content

We recommend you use a good Email content filtering software like SECUMAIL or RECEIVE GUARD, to ensure a professional working environment and protect your company’s reputation.

Step 7. Evaluating Business Email Security Service Providers

You may need to hire an Email security service from another security unit to secure your Business Email system.

Do not believe in the promise smoothly. Organize a survey to find out details about the quality of service and quality of security from various Business Email Security services. Or even you should suggest to stop trying the service to be able to accurately experience the best Business Email Security service.

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