Effective Business Email Security in 2022

Latest Update: 16/11/2023

Effective Business Email Security in 2022

Email, especially business email, is currently one of the top targets of cybercriminals because of the popularity of this tool. So how to recognize email attacks and how to prevent them? Let’s find out more through the article below.

Common ways to attack business email

According to Statista statistics, 306.4 billion emails are sent and received every day in 2020. The risk of cyberattacks on companies via email is increasing.

Spam mail

Spam mails are unsolicited mass emails to unidentified individuals for the purpose of marketing commercial products or services, and often carry advertising, sales, scams, etc. Spam mail is one of the most common and basic forms that hackers use to spread malicious code to users.

Harm of Spam mail

  • Spam mail wastes time and productivity of individuals and organizations
  • Spam mail contains many dangerous malicious codes, infringing on user data

Effective Business Email Security in 2022

Example of Spam mail that looks exactly like a legitimate message from Fedex


A software or program that contains malicious code to attack users, steal data or damage the network or computer system that is difficult for a normal user to detect.

Some types of Malware and harmful effects:

  • Virus: A malicious software that is attached to a document or file that supports macros and executes code to spread from one server to another.
  • Ransomware: is malicious software that takes over and accesses sensitive information in the system, then encrypts it so that users cannot access it.
  • Spyware: is a malicious software that attacks email users by essentially inserting malicious URLs into the email body to launch the software when the user accesses it.
  • Adware: is a malicious program that allows ads to be displayed when running or installing specific software to be inserted into messages.
  • Trojan Horse: Are malicious programs disguised as the programs that the user wants. The main infection route of the Trojan Horse is email attachments.

Effective Business Email Security in 2022

Example of a spoofed attachment to launch a ransomware attack

Non-technical email attack

A non-technical attack is an email attack that exploits vulnerabilities in the user’s psychology to create a situation that threatens network security.

Some forms of non-technical email attacks:

  • Fake Header Attack: Scammers will forge user account information on the header. Common spoofing methods such as: change ID, change domain name, change ID and domain order.
  • Attack with the same email address: Hackers will create an email address that is almost exactly the same as a regular mail account so that it is difficult for the naked eye to distinguish through many sophisticated tricks.
  • Attack by Takeover (ATO): is an attack on email to steal and gain access to a user’s account. Methods of leaking important information to the outside through account hijacking include spoofing the attributes of email transmission history and compromising business email.

Effective Business Email Security in 2022

Example of Microsoft Outlook email spoofing header scam

Basic email security methods

Before the dangers of the above attack methods, every organization needs to have knowledge and experience in email security methods to deal with possible attacks. Here are some effective ways to prevent email attacks in 2022:

  1. Installing security software for devices: Installing supporting security programs or software for laptop and computer devices such as anti-virus software, firewalls, etc. will help you detect problems early. malicious components thereby preventing and partially reducing the risk of being infiltrated into the data system.

  2. Look carefully before you click: For email tools, receiving and sending links and URLs is an ongoing activity. Hackers have taken advantage of this to carry out email attacks. Therefore, before clicking on any link, you must carefully consider and check the domain name, IP address, … to make sure that it does not initiate an email attack.

  3. Update your device regularly: Security features will be enhanced with updated versions of the device. So monitoring and updating apps and software regularly also enhances your email security. Outdated software is also the cause of security holes and increases the risk of becoming a target for hackers.

  4. Using a third-party email security service: Nowadays, with the nature of data volume and overload of business organizations, the application of third-party email security solutions & services to prevent the above attacks is one of the effective measures, saving time and reducing risks for businesses.

  5. Raise awareness of absolute information security: Especially for organizations, companies, information and data are extremely important assets, the theft of personal information and causing serious damage is usually happen. Therefore, all individuals or organizations should consciously protect and control their own information, and under no circumstances should such information be disclosed to third parties without being authenticated.

Smart Email Security Solution

VNETWORK is a pioneering provider of security services and solutions in the Vietnamese market, notably the SECU E Cloud secure business email service and a dedicated email security firewall for large enterprises Mail Gateway EG-Platform

SECU E Cloud

VNETWORK SECU E Cloud’s mail security cloud technology will provide users with all high-quality email solutions, including security and convenience, safe both receiving and sending.

SECU E Cloud has the following features:

  • Detect fake email
  • Filter sender address
  • Check email information
  • Check attachment
  • Check for Malicious URLs
  • Send daily report

Outstanding advantages of SECU E Cloud:

  • Set Password & Recall Email: Setting up a password for outgoing email helps protect important personal and business information. Easily recall sent emails in just 5 seconds, and know how many times recipients have opened that email.
  • Send large attachments: Supports users to send attachments up to 10GB via webmail or Outlook, far beyond other business email systems.

Mail Gateway EG-Platform

VNETWORK’s Mail Gateway EG-Platform is the next generation of Email security technology when applying AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology and ML (Machine Learning) machine learning to form many different layers of security. Completely overcome the weaknesses on common business email systems.

The EG-Platform Mail Gateway solution helps businesses protect two-way, both Receive and Send with 3 globally certified intelligent mail filters: Spam GUARD, Receive GUARD and Send GUARD. In addition, VNETWORK’s Mail Gateway EG-Platform system is the only Email security firewall solution on the Cloud platform capable of resisting targeted email attacks (BEC), targeted attacks (Target Attack) and non-technical attack (Phishing Mail).

VNETWORK has helped businesses stay safe on the internet. We also achieve Science and Technology certifications and deliver security achievements to our clients. Therefore, register to try VNETWORK’s Smart Email Security Solution and protect your Business Email today. Quick support hotline at: (028) 7306 8789 and registered email at:, our professional engineer team will support you at all times.

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