Phishing Email Prevention for Businesses

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Phishing Email Prevention for Businesses

Phishing Email Prevention for Businesses

Today, almost all business communication requires the use of an email service. Emails contain a lot of information about individual accounts as well as important internal documents of each Enterprise.

Therefore, Email is a place where hackers always want to find ways to hack, steal important information and extort money. So protect your Business Email from malicious Phishing Email attacks.

How does Phishing Email attack an email account?

According to the collected data, Phishing Email attacks all email accounts from Yahoo Mail, Hotmail to Gmail.

You may feel shocked to learn that more than 95% of emails sent contain malicious code or are Spam Mail.

It can be said that you will not be an exception of hackers. And maybe your email has encountered dozens, hundreds and more of Phishing Email now. But don’t worry, take the following steps with us.

Phishing Email Prevention for Businesses

Phishing Email steals personal account information and high-value business data

1. Identify Phishing Email

Phishing Emails are usually emails from strange accounts and have the following form:

Request to provide personal information such as name, date of birth, identity card number, username, password of the email account or any other account.

Email has basic errors such as incorrect grammar and spelling.

These emails have the same character as the original email.

In addition, the emails have the phrases: “This is not a joke”, “Forward this message to your friends”, “Verify your account”, “If you don’t respond within 48 hours, your account will be closed”, “You have won the lottery”, or Vietnamese phrases with the same meaning. Be careful before emails like this !!!

2. When encountering emails showing signs of Phishing Email, what should we do?

Please take a moment to check these emails before doing any other action. Remember NOT TO PROVIDE INFORMATION, DO NOT CLICK ANY LINK IN THE EMAIL above.

If unfortunately, you click on the malicious links, your computer will be compromised and hackers will use those malicious codes to attack and steal information and documents on your computer or possibly all. computer system set of the company.

3. How to check Phishing Email?

If that email is a representative of a certain company. Visit the company website and contact customer support to verify and confirm email.

Or you can also use google to find out about Website Domain Name, do not be foolish to click on the available links on the Email you receive!

In addition, be sure to ensure yourself a high-security email password of 7 characters, combining letters and numbers with special characters.

Change your password after a long period of use to circumvent the hacker’s password detection plan.

Once you identify it as a Phishing Email, notify it so people can identify it.

4. When you have missed a reply or clicked on the link of Phishing Email, what should you do?

Please notify the relevant authorities:

Contact your bank immediately to lock your account and make security changes immediately. If you delay, your account may be subject to involuntary transactions resulting in loss of assets.

Call the real company’s customer department that the Phishing Emails are impersonating to notify us of Email, the information provided and ask for help.

The habit of using one password for many different accounts is also a loophole that hackers type in. Please change all related passwords or the accounts that use the same password with the high reliability as mentioned above for best security.

Is there any software to check and prevent phishing emails?

Financial Companies and Banks are subject to Phishing Email. Therefore, the most reliable solutions for Enterprise Email system security are RECEIVE GUARD. Internationally certified Email security products from Gartner and Rapid7.

You want to learn about the security capabilities of RECEIVE GUARD. Check out the worldwide Comparison of Email Security Solutions.




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