How VNETWORK SOC prevents new cyber threats

Latest Update: 20/11/2023

How VNETWORK SOC prevents new cyber threats

SOC - Security Operation Center (Security Operation Center) is considered a valuable resource to detect network problems. SOC always has an information security team dedicated to continuously monitoring and analyzing the organization’s security. The SOC team is required to ensure timely incident detection, analysis and response. Therefore, in this article, VNETWORK will share how to prevent new network attacks by focusing resources on the SOC system.

What does the SOC department deal with?

The specific job of the SOC department is to monitor and analyze activity across networks, servers, endpoints, databases, applications, websites, and other systems. They look for unusual activity that could be a sign of a security problem or intrusion. The SOC Department is responsible for ensuring that potential security incidents are accurately identified, analyzed, protected, investigated, and reported. The 24/7 surveillance provided by SOC gives organizations many advantages against incidents and intrusions, from any source, time, or form of attack. The gap between the time it takes an attacker to break in and the time it takes the business to detect it needs to be minimized. Therefore, there is a need for a security operations center to help organizations reduce attack time and proactively respond to future threats. Many security organizations are focusing on people rather than technology to assess and mitigate direct threats rather than relying on a script. The SOC Department must continuously manage known and existing threats to identify newer risks. They have to respond to the needs of customers, as well as the company, and have to deal with cyberattacks that happen every day. Technological systems like firewalls or IPS can prevent basic attacks, so human analysis is needed to deal with major incidents.

VNETWORK SOC blocks new threats

SOC Centers must operate quickly and accuratelySOC Centers must operate quickly and accurately

With trillions of cyber threats occurring every day, SOC Centers must act quickly and accurately to ensure timely detection and response. All activities in the SOC room need to be minimized in time to prevent attackers from accessing the organization’s network. This will cause great difficulties for cybercriminals when they want to target businesses.

Understanding that, VNETWORK has made efforts to develop SOC systems in the top 4 countries in terms of network security. VNETWORK’s SOC promptly protected many press websites from mass DDoS attacks in the past year 2021. At VNETWORK, we have continuously maintained the process of upgrading and developing in-depth expertise for our engineering team, ensuring the minimum time to contain threats.

We also enhance coordination and rapid communication between SOC Centers in 4 countries. It has made it possible for us to bring together security response experts from around the world to increase protection to the highest level. VNETWORK SOC was able to react promptly to threats in real-time.

We focus on investing in people

People are the most valuable asset in SOCPeople are the most valuable asset in SOC

Working in the SOC department is stressful because we are not only responsible for minimizing risk to our clients’ networks, but also for ensuring the trust they have placed in us.

People are the most valuable asset in SOC - Their experiences, skills, insight, creativity, and resourcefulness make the SOC work. VNETWORK has made every effort to ensure that the SOC team has all the elements to be successful, engaged, and comfortable with their work.

Recruitment and skill development of SOC staff is one of the most important factors for the success of SOC at VNEWTORK. We try to find people with enough skills, speed of work, analytical ability and connect with the SOC team to prevent high-tech attacks. This is why we always push to grow our team and focus on people development.

Combining human factors with security technology

People play a key role in advanced securityPeople play a key role in advanced security

We need to quickly separate signals (true detection) from noise (false positives) in SOC, which requires investment in both people and security technology. Because cyber attackers are also human, so for the highest security requires human judgment combined with technology. This is a very important factor in security if we want to ensure that the protection is done at the most advanced and advanced level.

VNIS comprehensive website security platformVNIS comprehensive website security platform

In VNETWORK SOC, we’re constantly developing ways to automate analyst repetitive tasks, so they can focus on complex problems. When repetitive tasks are automated, analysts can use their intelligence and creative energy to solve new problems that attackers present. They can even actively hunt down attackers who have broken through the first line of defense.

To learn more about how SOC VNETWORK works with VNIS’s Anti DDoS technology, please contact us now.

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