Ransomware alerts can encrypt data on cloud infrastructure

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Ransomware alerts can encrypt data on cloud infrastructure

Some ransomware variants not only attack the hard drive but also attack other systems, even the cloud platform is out of sight.

We also know that a ransomware attack, large or small, is a significant devastation. The coding goals that ransomware often targets are important documents and sensitive data of organizations or businesses. After encryption, the victim will receive a notification asking the ransom payment if the data is safe, of course, the more “hostage” the more valuable the ransom will be.

According to a report by RightScale, Google Compute Engine’s cloud service provider in 2016 had 82% of businesses use a multi-cloud strategy, meaning they use multi-house infrastructure services. cloud computing. Another forecast is that 78% of small businesses will use cloud computing by 2020. It can be seen that cloud infrastructure is considered a great technology, one of the safe storage options. with so many organizations that can also save on infrastructure costs. It is these needs of businesses that cloud services are gradually becoming the target of ransomware.

Ransomware alerts can encrypt data on cloud infrastructure

Ransomware usually targets important documents

Ransomware can gain access to corporate networks through various means, but one of the more common ways is to “trap” employees who accidentally open infected files attached to unknown emails, then. Access to data and applications is restricted throughout the organization.

For a typical example, Trend Micro security researchers have discovered a special ransomware called RANSOM_CERBER.CAD. This variation is intended for home and business users of cloud-based Office 365.

It is worth noting that this type of ransomware can bypass Microsoft’s security measures by “hiding” in malicious Office documents attached to spam emails. In addition, Cerber can query the geographic location of the affected system. If the host system in Russia or Ukraine or the former Soviet Union countries will not be affected by this ransomware.

Ransomware alerts can encrypt data on cloud infrastructure

Ransomware Cerber bypasses the security barrier on Microsoft’s cloud platform

Ransomware has always been the most popular form of hacker attack because it is both effective and easy to make money. One of the latest reports by security firm Malwarebytes shows that ransomware malware increased by 365% from Q2 2018 to Q2 2019 and attacked individual users by 12%. It is predicted that organizations and businesses will be the target of ransomware campaigns in the second half of this year, as well as a special warning for data storage enterprises on cloud platform - a “potential” field is gaining the most attention from hackers.

To avoid the damage caused by ransomware, security experts recommend that organizations and businesses should be equipped with giải pháp bảo mật that can identify a ransomware attack and take extra care with files. Attachments and URLs in emails. According to Vectra, artificial intelligence can be an effective method used to detect sophisticated actions of ransomware as well as to prevent their spread.


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