Anti-ddos for VPS, secure your web server

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Anti-ddos for VPS, secure your web server

In the current context, cybercrime is a common concern of countries around the world. They are becoming more and more sophisticated about cyber-attack methods and tricks. Various cybersecurity solutions have been proposed, but it is a different story to determine which solution is right for the business.

Every day that goes by, countless businesses are trying to transform into digital businesses and financial transactions over the internet. The change in network technology has contributed to a huge change to the human economy, while also creating countless lucrative opportunities for cybercriminal groups.

There are many cyber-attacks that are considered to be extremely sophisticated, they creep into every corner, including analyzing the user’s psychology to everyday behavior, to come up with attack scenarios. Be smart with the highest success rate.

Join VNETWORK to learn and analyze in detail about today’s common cyber attacks, and offer prevention solutions to ensure network safety and security in today’s digital business field.

DDoS attacks and other common attacks

DDoS website attack: mainly targets virtual server systems such as VPS or Cloud VPS. This is the place to store the Web Server of the enterprise, which is frequently targeted by today’s network hackers. There are also other attacks such as:

Identity Theft: hackers will access a person’s personal information and then use that source of information to access the victim’s bank account and make illegal transactions.

Phishing (phishing, fake): Hackers will create fake websites, payment gateways to “trap” users.

Use ransomware malware: Encrypt all data in the computer system or corporate network, then request a ransom to unlock the data.

Use of spyware: Remotely attack and control a computer infected with a virus. Hackers can also attack computers if they have common network connections with the infected machine.

The number of cyberattacks is increasing every year

Cybersecurity prevention organizations have also detected thousands of cybercriminal groups from inside and outside the country.

In 2018, there were 178 data theft cases nationwide, causing damage of more than VND 6.2 billion of 521 cardholders; In the first 6 months of 2019, there were 191 cases, causing damage of VND 21.8 billion of 977 cardholders.

Cybersecurity experts also forecast that in 2020, APT targeted attack malware will be more sophisticated, along with the codes of counterfeiting standard software and programs through DLL Side-Loading to fool the traditional anti-virus software.

Vulnerabilities lead to cyber attacks

Many websites still have innumerable security vulnerabilities, so to perfectly cover these vulnerabilities, you need advanced web security firewall solutions like Cloud WAF.

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Another worrying situation is the indifference of users to information security issues in today’s network environment. Because most businesses today, when faced with a cyberattack, they usually only look for security solution providers to request support. They seldom present matters to the authorities. Therefore, the number of cyberattacks happening has not been accurately counted and created alarm bells for businesses.

Prevent vulnerabilities on your website with Cloud WAF and effective against DDoS website attacks, keep your website safe 24/7, make sure all online business is smooth.

Methods of preventing cyber attacks

Most banking and financial institutions today, have been implementing many popular anti-cyber measures such as New generation firewalls, which help prevent malicious code and dangerous viruses with advanced technology. of AI (artificial intelligence).

If you want to be able to prevent network attacks with pre-packaged data files in traditional security firewalls, then that is very difficult. Because today, many types of cyberattacks have become extremely sophisticated, with intelligent phishing techniques, you cannot know them in advance and prevent them completely.

With artificial intelligence technology like AI, all abnormal behaviors are recorded and learned again, then put into the block system. Security technology with AI helps ensure the safety of your website and also the users who are visiting your website.

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