Dedicated Server vs VPS: Which is the right choice?

Latest Update: 23/05/2024

Dedicated Server vs VPS: Which is the right choice?

The rapid growth of the Internet led to an exponential increase in the number of users using the Internet’s facilities. This has caused huge pressure on storage issues for businesses. In this short article, we will compare the differences between the two most popular transmission methods at the moment: Dedicated Server and Virtual Private Server.

As the demand for transmission increases, transmission technology also has great technological developments. Virtual Private Server (VPS) - a virtual private server, created from the Dedicated Server system itself by the “Virtualization” method. Built to serve the target group is small and medium enterprises with not too large website and application system. As for the dedicated server systems with huge storage and processing capabilities, they are most suitable for enterprise website systems with large traffic volumes, providing security and resource utilization on the priority system better than VPS.

Server system - the server of your business can handle up to 1000 queries per second? Okay, but where will the story go when the query volume is 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000? The entire server system and related devices will be overloaded with too many queries, in short, “server failure”. In this short article, we will compare the differences between these two systems in terms of performance, security, system scalability, and customizability. Thereby helping businesses make the right choice when choosing a storage solution for themselves.

The performance of Dedicated Server and VPS

Both Dedicated Server and VPS are the highest-end hosting options when compared to low-cost popular hosting services with modest quality. To clarify this point, here we will compare in detail the two most basic Dedicated Server and VPS service packages of VNETWORK. The lowest VPS package at VNETWORK has a configuration that includes 2 CPU cores along with 2Gb of Ram, 20Gb of storage on SSD memory, and a maximum bandwidth of up to 10Gbps monthly.

Meanwhile, with the option of a dedicated server service package, the hardware of the most basic service package is a dedicated DELL R620 server system with 2 Xeon E5 2670 CPUs with a total of 16 real cores, 32Gb of storage space amount of RAM, and 2 HDDs with 960Gb storage capacity. From there, we can clearly see the big difference between the hardware power, operating ability, and load capacity of a dedicated server system compared to the capacity that a VPS system can provide.

Please pay special attention that Dedicated Server systems should only be chosen for businesses with huge website systems with millions of annual visitors, or large corporations with special requirements in terms of security reliability of the website (website uptime 24/24). If you are the owner of small and medium businesses, the VPS service brings stable performance and effective security to the business website system.

Security capabilities on systems of Dedicated Server and VPS

Dedicated Server and VPS are both safe and secure choices for businesses. But with outstanding hardware power, dedicated server systems provide significantly stronger security than virtual servers.

This stems from the very way the virtual server system is built. With VPS hosting, users will receive a virtual server to store their website system data. These virtual servers are built from a physical server system using “Virtualization” technology. Virtual servers will have to share physical resources on the common server system with other websites, somewhat reducing the security of the entire system if there is a case where the users do not comply with the protocols system security.

With a dedicated server system, your business will be the only organization authorized to use the server system, maximizing the power of the website system and minimizing the risk of security being affected by 3rd parties. At the same time, a dedicated server system with maximum customization capabilities helps control all elements on the system, thereby providing the ability to build the most appropriate hosting solution. For Businesses.

Scalability of systems of Dedicated Server and VPS

As the enterprise’s website system grows, the amount of content on the page and the amount of incoming traffic also grows very quickly. At that time, the server system of enterprises needs to be upgraded in terms of storage capacity, memory, and the amount of bandwidth that the system can bear.

For businesses that are using virtual server systems and need to upgrade the power of the system, you can do this simply with one click. But the Dedicated Server system is a completely different story. Upgrading a dedicated server system is very complex and requires strong technical skills, requires specialized hardware devices, and requires very long downtime of the entire system when upgrading.

The ability to customize when configuring the system of Dedicated Server and VPS

For dedicated server systems, the system is just empty servers, without any operating system or software. Business users when choosing the Dedicated Server service will ask the provider to configure and install whatever they want on the system.

But with virtual servers, most VPS systems are pre-installed with specific software and decentralized into many levels of technical management. This has limited the ability of users to customize when they want to install some software or customize configurations on the system.

All service providers support package management and self-management options - that is, the business operates the system on its own, the provider only supports when something goes wrong. With all-inclusive managed storage solutions, the provider will ensure all elements of the system’s operation and you need to do almost nothing, but this also reduces the operational flexibility with demand business emergencies.

For maximum system customization, make sure your business uses a VPS hosting solution with the option of self-managing or owning priority access - Root Access on a dedicated server. But be careful with this, managing and operating it yourself will give the most customization for the business, but this option will require very high skills in information technology and programming.

Why should you choose VNETWORK’s Dedicated Server solution and VPS virtual server?

With the increasing demand for storage and transmission with businesses in the digital age, we understand this concern of businesses and develop server solutions that suit their needs. of businesses in all different fields: Dedicated Server and Cloud VPS - Virtual server on the cloud platform.

With VPS virtual server solution, we have a team of programmers with many years of experience who have built and developed virtual server technology on the cloud computing platform - Cloud VPS. The physical server of the Cloud VPS system uses 100% high-speed SSD hard drive, providing maximum data transmission speed and superior performance compared to traditional VPS technology of providers. other on the market. The system with the ability to quickly and easily upgrade, along with many in-depth security solutions for the website system, is suitable for all sizes of businesses.

In addition, VNETWORK also provides a private server rental service - A dedicated Server with genuine configuration. The system is built from the best hardware on the market with Intel Xeon processors with high performance, the ability to customize the configuration to suit the unique needs of each business. Our dedicated server system is located in international Tier III standard Data Centers with professional security systems. Committed to the maximum stable domestic private bandwidth of up to 1Gbps, meeting all requirements of enterprises in terms of transmission and security.

In addition, with the goal of becoming a leading enterprise in network security in the region and internationally, VNETWORK has continuously researched and released solutions for transmission into system security with the latest technologies to best serve our partners operating on digital platforms:

VNCDN - Solution for content transmission and website acceleration by CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology with the ability to receive nearly 3 million simultaneous user visits to the system.

VNIS - A comprehensive security solution for corporate website systems, controlling and preventing security holes and malicious data collectors. With a global CDN system of up to 2600Tbps, it helps to optimize the transmission performance of the website system. both help against traffic attacks (DDoS, DoS) effectively.

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