The key to choose website security services for businesses

Latest Update: 12/10/2023

The key to choose website security services for businesses

In recent years, website security services are being interested by many businesses. Because a well-secured website is not only against the intrusion of hackers but also a key selling point that brings certain effects to business activities.

Business benefits of a good secure website

A well-secured website can lead to a better SEO website:

_SSL for a website_is a good way for your site to be rated higher in terms of security and it is one of the key factors Google considers when ranking web in their search results. When search rankings and SEO improve, customers can easily see your website and access your services.

Increasing website traffic and customer retention:

Customer trust is the key to making sales. Results from a survey showed that 17% of consumers abandoned an online shopping cart because they did not feel safe when asked for card information by websites. This will be improved when customers see the SSL padlock icon in front of the website link, this symbol means that any input data will be protected. Therefore, customers’ anxiety will be eliminated, and the ability to stay on the website to shop and make transactions will be higher. Besides, website security with anti-DDoS protection that removes malware, allows customers to access your website without being blocked by spam notifications, bad programs, or other malicious software that can damage a business’s brand.

More conversions because of increasing traffic and customer trust:

Investing in a secure website is how you improve customer experience satisfaction. When customers have a positive experience with your site, it is likely that customers will come back again to continue using your products/ services and recommend your website to friends and family. Website security is really an important aspect in converting from potential customers - customers - to loyal customers.

The key to choose website security services for businesses

Criteria for choosing website security services

Large server infrastructure:

Page load time and slow response speed are the top reasons why visitors leave your website. This situation occurs when the number of users accessing the website at the same time is too large, leading to the server being overloaded. To solve it, businesses need to find a website security company with a large network infrastructure with a strong load capacity.

Quick support time:

Website attacks are happening every day and every hour and tend to increase rapidly, especially in the era of digital transformation. An attack of just a few minutes can cause heavy financial damage and brand image. Therefore, businesses should choose website security services with near-instant support time, continuous operation of the Security Operations Center (SOC), and the ability to react quickly when it occurs. In the event of an attack, you can immediately contact security experts who are available for emergency assistance. For this, a local security provider would be the most suitable choice.

Scalability and continuous feature development: Along with technology development is the sophistication in the form of attacks, attack techniques are constantly changing, making resistance much more difficult. Therefore, website security service providers need to update new features continuously, remove vulnerabilities in time to prevent hackers from taking advantage of attacks.

Comprehensive website security service of VNETWORK

When using VNETWORK’s VNIS website security service, your website will be fully protected. Security vulnerabilities are completely controlled and prevented in a timely manner through:

Multi CDN: VNETWORK’s CDN infrastructure is located in 32 countries, with an international bandwidth capacity of 2,600 Tbps. Worldwide, the largest recorded DDoS attack was 1.7 Tbps. In Vietnam, large attacks of about 50 Gbps have been recorded. Understandably, the processing capacity of VNETWORK is about 2,000 times that of the world’s largest attack and 52,000 times that of a DDoS attack in Vietnam. In addition, the infrastructure with 2,300 PoPs CDN enhances effective Layer 3/4 DDoS protection.

Al Load Balancing: VNIS integrates new artificial intelligence technology to help monitor website performance in real-time, capable of load balancing when traffic increases suddenly.

Cloud WAF: VNETWORK’s WAF is currently available in 8 countries around the world with the ability to filter all malicious requests, prevent malicious code and virus infection into websites, and prevent Layer 7 DDoS attacks.

Scrubbing Center system: capable of preventing intense DDoS attacks, helping businesses maintain the stability of their servers, completely eliminating the bad effects of network attacks.

SOC room system’s SOC is currently located in 4 countries VNETWORK ensures that network security solutions are always closely coordinated with flexible human supervision.

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