How does EG Platform secure business email?

Latest Update: 18/11/2023

How does EG Platform secure business email?

EG Platform is the next generation of Email security technology when applying the Virtual Area (Virtual Area) combined with AI and Machine Learning technologies to create many different security layers, completely overcoming the weaknesses of the regular business email system.

An overview of EG-Platform

EG Platform includes: Spam Guard, Receive Guard, and Send Guard. EG Platform will control two specific email flows:

  • Input Email checking flow : Emails will have to go through the process of filtering Spam Mail at the Spam Guard filter. After that, the Email will be analyzed and checked at the Receive Guard filter for authenticity the Email, ensuring safety against penetration and attack risks.

  • Output Email checking flow : Emails will be strictly controlled. Important Emails will be protected by various methods such as keyword filters, forwarding prevention, and helping to minimize information leakage.

Spam Guard - Filter Spam Mail up to 99%

How does EG Platform secure business email?

Spam Guard helps to protect business email

Spam Guard helps filter spam based on machine learning data (Machine Learning), and builds and customizes Spam filters. The outstanding features of Spam Guard include:

  • The system will filter and block all unnecessary spam by using Bayesian filter technology. Incoming mail will be evaluated by Machine Learning based on a spam scale.

  • Email validity checking system according to international standards SPF, DKIM, DMARC. All Spam Mail will be filtered before reaching the user mailbox.

  • The system filters and blocks Spam Mail according to the criteria of the builder, thereby minimizing Phishing Mail, viruses, and Ransomware malicious code.

  • The system helps to improve business performance by eliminating Spam Mail, focusing entirely on main work-related emails. At the same time, users can prevent possible damage from Email attacks early.

Receive Guard - Check and analyze incoming Email

How does EG Platform secure business email?

How does Receive Guard operate?

Receive Guard helps check attachments and URLs, determine the validity of sender addresses and domains, and monitor outgoing Email routing,… all over the Virtual Area. The outstanding features of Receive Guard include:

  • The system will check the authenticity of the header and the sender IP of the incoming Email. At the same time, the system will open the Email on the Virtual Zone to check the endpoint of the URL in the Email, the malicious code, and the URL in the attachment.

  • The system analyzes and detects virus traces in Email by static check (vaccine program). The system detects spyware from changes in the Windows environment when an Email is opened and actively expands the search scope based on the data available on the system.

  • The system checks the URL endpoint on Emails and attachments, analyzing the user’s behavior on that URL. If danger is detected, the system immediately converts the URL to an image.

  • The system will analyze the forged character string on the incoming Email address, and compare it with the previous real-time memory data. Then, the system reverses the route of the incoming Email, if the sending route is different from the original, the system will authenticate the identity and block the Email.

Send Guard - Prevent business information leakage and manage email before sending it out

How does EG Platform secure business email?

How does Send Guard operate?

Send Guard will protect the Email server against the risk of penetration and attack. At the same time, help you control and recall sent Emails. The outstanding features of Send Guard include:

  • The system will protect the Email Server system against malicious agents, and block system connections based on IP, Country, and connections from Outlook.

  • The system will prevent information leakage by building keywords to approve outgoing Emails.

  • The system builds a keyword filter for each account, and business and sets a separate password for each email sent to protect data safety.

  • The system protects user privacy by preventing email forwarding, preventing information leakage due to mistakenly sent emails, and recovering sent emails.

The Mail Gateway EG Platform system is proud to be certified on a global scale. EG Platform is the only email security solution against targeted cyber attacks (BEC), targeted attacks (Target Attack), and phishing attacks (Phishing Mail).

If you want to learn or experience the EG Platform service, please contact us directly via the quick support hotline: (028) 7306 8789 or or email to:

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