Email company sent be spam, Junk-Email why?

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Email company sent be spam, Junk-Email why?

Cause Email is Spam, Junk-Email

You often get annoyed at work because an outgoing email gets into Spam and Junk-Email of the recipient. Where is the cause? And how to overcome it?

The reason is that each company’s mail server system is different, they have mechanisms to filter incoming email, mainly based on the built-in evaluation points. This is also a drawback of pre-installed email filters, they are less flexible than smart email filtering mechanisms using artificial intelligence AIand machine learning.

If your Mail Server uses AI technology, it will use artificial intelligence to identify the behavior of incoming email, if the email is really healthy, does not contain viruses, and does not have any abnormal behavior. Come on, it will be put in your mailbox. So you will no longer have to worry when receiving dozens of emails daily, but do not know what is clean email, what is a fake email containing viruses or even fraudulent emails, disguised as acquaintances to deceive you.

Conversely, if you send an email to the customer, that email will be certified as a certified clean email, and it will be sent to the customer’s mailbox without getting into the recipient’s Spam or Junk-Email. That is the most prominent feature of AI technology in smart security applications.

But you must remember that corporate email should not be used to send promotional emails to countless customers, this will affect the reputation of the email domain you are.

How does regular spam filter work?

  1. Based on special keywords included in the email content. Sensitive keywords such as CLICK HERE, FREE, BUY NOW … will be included in spam mail.

  2. If you have used your company domain name as an email domain, but this domain has been “embedded” before, it will greatly affect the reputation of the domain email, so it’s easy rated by spam email filters as an unclean email domain. The reason that the domain name is “dipped indigo” maybe because you have used poor SEO tactics such as cloaking, link farms, doorway pages, submit… or the domain name that you purchased is not officially registered.

  3. In case you use domain email to send advertising spam emails in large quantities, it is easy to be put on the blacklist of unhealthy domain emails.

Principles of writing email content to prevent spam and Junk-Email

Avoid sensitive keywords like CLICK HERE, THE ONLY OPPORTUNITY IN THE LIFE, exclamation mark !!!!!!!, capitalization, flashy text highlight, email only pictures without text, use words CHECK in the email subject, send to multiple recipients at the same time, or other sensitive FEELING keywords are prohibited. Ideally, you should compose a professional email to achieve the desired effect.

A detailed list of keywords you should not use in corporate email content to avoid spam, Junk-Email

How to improve the reliability of email sent

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