How dangerous Ransomware is and how to prevent it

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

How dangerous Ransomware is and how to prevent it

As a variant of malware, ransomware is not a new network phenomenon that has been around since 1989 but cannot deny that the distribution speed is increasing rapidly and the severity of the code. This poison. So, what is ransomware and how to prevent ransomware, let’s find out in the following article:

What is ransomware?

Ransomware, also known as ransomware, is a form of malicious software with a high degree of danger, initially targeting the Windows operating system and then expanding to Mac computers, Android mobile platforms and Google.

Ransomware comes in many different forms but their general purpose is to prevent users from accessing their computers (servers) by creating malicious programs to encrypt user data. The hacker then asks the user to pay a ransom to recover the data.

Like other malware, ransomware enters a user’s computer through fake websites, downloaded software and email attachments - the most common hacker attack.

Many ransomware are well disguised, with the naked eye that users cannot distinguish and easily “trap”. One such example is WannaCry, which is an extremely rare variant of ransomware, that infected about 300,000 computers in 150 countries in May 2017. In Vietnam alone, more than 1,900 computers were infected with this malicious code - according to Bkav’s statistics on May 16, 2017.

How dangerous Ransomware is and how to prevent it

The WannaCry malware severely affects many countries around the world

When infected with WannaCry, users can hardly detect until they receive the message that the computer is locked and the data is encrypted. To restore, users must pay a Bitcoin virtual money of about 300 USD. After 3 days of unpaid payment, the ransom will double and after the 7-day period, the user data will be lost. This is considered one of the most shocking cyber attacks in recent times.

Is paying out the bet the best solution?

Normally when infected with ransomware ransomware, many people choose to accept ransomware’s ransom solution to eliminate ransomware.

However, the answer is not sure. According to security experts, the “giving in to the hackers” is nothing to guarantee the victim will regain access, but sometimes this makes the victim a new target of the next plan. Instead of providing a “real” solution to help users remove ransomware, cybercriminals trick users into downloading more malicious software.

How dangerous Ransomware is and how to prevent it

Is accepting the ransom the best solution?

How to prevent ransomware

Ransomware is very unusual and unlike other traditional malware. This type of malware directly affects users, upsets the computer system and has serious consequences as its name - ransomware ransomware.

Because ransomware is very difficult to deal with, businesses need to invest and equip themselves with good protection against ransomware via email as Receive GUARD – Advanced email security platform.

After integrating the system, all incoming email must pass through the Virtual Area before reaching the user’s inbox. Here, the system will evaluate and check the URLs (up to the end-point URL) included in the email to prevent users from visiting fake websites that contain malicious software that threatens users. Along with the behavioral analysis technique of the attachment, the system will detect and prevent all malware, ransomware including new malware that has not been recognized by any system.

With ongoing ransomware attacks around the globe, Receive GUARD will be the most effective email security solution against specialized hacker attacks. What are you waiting, immediately contact VNETWORK for advice and support!

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