EG-Platform blocked 20,077 email viruses in 2 months

Latest Update: 30/10/2023

EG-Platform blocked 20,077 email viruses in 2 months

According to statistics, VNETWORK's Mail Gateway EG-Platform system has recorded many email viruses attacks that harm the businesses's security system.

The overview of market

VNETWORK’s Mail Gateway EG-Platform system documented several email threats that endanger the security of client business email systems in the first two months of 2023, according to data. Email is an environment that contains critical information that organizations interact with on a daily basis. As a result, it is a rich source of exploitation that is frequently targeted by cybercriminals. The following is a full summary of assaults logged by the EG-Platform system in the past.

Out of a total of 1,056,829 emails processed, the system reported that:

  • 317,049 spam emails
  • 663,938 safe verified emails
  • 26,909 dangerous emails
  • 48,745 phishing emails

The system reported a significant rise in the number of attacks in the first two months of 2023, as compared to the first two quarters of 2022.

Viruses spread via email spikes

Mail Gateway EG-Platform blocks 20

Statistics of outstanding threats in the first 2 months of 2023

Statistically reporting from VNETWORK’s Mail Gateway EG-Platform system, the whole system recorded 25,902 prominent Email attacks targeting corporate customers. Accordingly, there are 4 prominent groups as follows:

  • Group 1: Email containing Virus is 20,077
  • Group 2: Emails found to contain dangerous URLs are 4,310
  • Group 3: Email with suspicious behavior is 1.129
  • Group 4: Email with anti-ransomware (Ransomware) is 386

Below is an actual report of 1 case of Email containing a virus alerted to users by the Mail Gateway EG-Platform system as follows:

Mail Gateway EG-Platform blocks 20

The mail contains viruses detected by Mail Gateway EG-Platform

Specifically, in this case, after the Mail Gateway EG-Platform system analyzed incoming emails in the virtual zone, the virus contained in the BANK DETAILS (1).rar attachment was Win31:PWSX-gen [Trj], this is malware classified as a Trojan. It can cause problems for the device, take control, and exploit the user’s data information through the intrusion of the user’s device.

The working principle of the Mail Gateway EG Platform system is to evaluate, check, and detect viruses, malware, and ransomware through 3 steps:

Mail Gateway EG-Platform blocks 20

3 steps to detect viruses of EG-Platform

After checking and analyzing the results, the Receive Guard system has put this email in the mail virus list and warned directly to the user.

Mail Gateway EG-Platform blocks 20

Emails containing dangerous viruses are alerted to users

Besides, 227 emails infected with ransomware were detected, which is also a red alarm for businesses, when the trend of new and strong ransomware appears more and more.

What are the consequences of email viruses for businesses?

  • Data loss: Email viruses can destroy or delete important business data.

  • Reduced work performance: Email viruses often affect employee performance and cause network resource problems and slow down the system.

  • Loss of money: Businesses may have to spend money to repair their systems or hire security experts to remove email viruses.

  • Loss of Reputation: Being attacked by an email virus can cause a loss of business reputation, causing serious financial losses and even loss of customers.

Mail Gateway EG-Platform - optimal security solution for businesses

Email threats can pose a significant risk to individuals and organizations. The data presented in the above report highlights the importance of being vigilant when it comes to email security. By deploying the Mail Gateway EG-Platform solution, organizations have proactively protected their email systems, helping to block all spam (spam mail), phishing mail (phishing), and other malicious software (viruses, ransomware, etc.). That way, they can reduce the risk from email-related threats, optimize business security, and ensure the reliability of their email communication.

If you need to learn about or experience the Mail Gateway EG-Platform service, a comprehensive email security email firewall technology. Please contact us directly via hotline (028) 7306 8789 or email to or leave a message in the contact form below for support.

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