Dagon ransomware is spreading through email in South Korea

Latest Update: 09/11/2023

Dagon ransomware is spreading through email in South Korea

The ASEC analysis team recently disclosed the discovery of a new ransomware named “DAGON LOCKER,” which is being delivered via a phishing email or attachment.

Dagon Ransomware is more powerful than any other ransomware ever seen

Dagon Ransomware is a new sort of ransomware that can adapt its dissemination and assault targets depending on the attacker’s intent. Furthermore, it has the ability to limit or expand the ransomware’s encryption operations, and if the necessary criteria are met, additional user systems linked to the attacking network can be encrypted as well.

One of the most common methods is to encrypt all files on the drive (save for particular paths and extensions) with the ChaCha20 encryption algorithm and rename the file to ‘.dagoned’. (The encryption key currently in use is RSA-2048).

Dagon Ransomware is a form of RaaS

This ransomware is in the form of RaaS (Ransomware as a Service), which means that criminal organizations generate ransomware and offer it as a service to other criminals.

Because these threats are primarily distributed via phishing emails or email attachments, email security should be prioritized. It is critical to have an email security system that uses cutting-edge technologies. Email security solutions can help organizations and enterprises deal with sophisticated threats. Nevertheless, not all email security systems are capable of preventing and stopping ransomware assaults. As a result, organizations must examine the level of security of the email security system that has been and will be employed.

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