Analysis of incidents Cloudflare CDN

Latest Update: 20/10/2023

Analysis of incidents Cloudflare CDN

Crash breakdown analysis from Cloudflare

Cloudflare is one of the world’s largest CDN services, helping businesses manage the server-to-client traffic quickly, thereby optimizing the site’s performance.

However, on July 2, the homepage and services of Cloudflare crashed, causing related websites to appear 502 Bad Gateway error, affecting the operation of many users and businesses. while trying to access.

Cloudflare said the cause of the problem was a routing leak, causing many of the major websites to fail and shut down, including affected names like Discord, Feedly, Crunchyroll. and Amazon. Cloudflare acknowledges that this situation occurs worldwide and has taken quick remedies as soon as the incident occurred.

Analysis of incidents Cloudflare CDN

The Cloudflare issue affects the activities of many users and businesses

Through investigation, we can all see that the problem that Cloudflare encountered stemmed from a type of attack “deploying faulty software”. However, all services returned to normal operation after the Cloudflare issue was restored.

Looking back from the previous AWS problem

Back in 2017, AWS also had a similar problem with Cloudflare. As you know, most websites and web applications host their services on AWS. However, AWS S3 encountered a problem that resulted in an offline state lasting 4 hours. This problem has caused many users to panic and worry because their daily trading activities and work are unexpectedly interrupted.

Analysis of incidents Cloudflare CDN

This problem has happened with AWS before

This problem is once again ongoing in the present with Cloudflare. In fact, when choosing a cloud computing solution provider, most of us often forget the importance of backup resources. Not because it doesn’t matter, but because of our subjective thinking that big CDN suppliers will never have a problem. And therefore, businesses that do not have a backup solution will easily face unpredictable consequences when problems occur.

It seems that we have not learned any lessons from the AWS incident story.

Linking various cloud storage services

“Multi-Cloud” (or Cloud Link) has gradually become a common term and has been widely used in recent years, but it is not really a hot topic that has attracted a lot of interest in branch. However, when it comes to managing resource failure, Multi-Cloud is one of the best solutions available today.

This is an idea of combining multiple public infrastructures in the form of an Infrastructure that acts as a service (IaaS - Infrastructure as a service), such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud. All of them act as part of a heterogeneous architecture (also known as Polynimbus cloud computing strategy). With this model, you are no longer dependent on a single cloud computing system to maintain operations, thereby helping to disperse risks and minimize downtime of the website.

VNETWORK has built, developed and perfected Multi CDN technology for many years. Multi CDN project is a combination of many CDNs on the same management platform. We have also built this platform with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) system that can help our users automatically switch to the best CDN for their website, avoiding the possibility of disconnection or disconnection.

Our platform helps ensure the safety and continuity of the website, avoiding incidents such as cable cuts, leading to internet outages. The Multi CDN solution also includes addressing serious problems of Cloudflare that occurred on July 2, 2019.




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