Receive Guard analysis phishing mail Techcombank, HDBank

Latest Update: 23/05/2024

Receive Guard analysis phishing mail Techcombank, HDBank

Phishing Mail Banking analysis

Recently, VNETWORK noticed that there are a lot of banking-related email scams. The email attack method is not new, but many users are still trapped. In the following, we will analyze 2 bank phishing emails, which are blocked by Receive Guard’s Mail Gateway filter system.

These phishing emails are sent by hackers to the domain email account of VNETWORK. The subject of the email “of Techcombank” is as follows:

“Techcombank 05/02/2021- Thông báo về Tuyên bố thanh toán qua ngân hàng MT103 / với giá trị nhanh ngày…”

Receive Guard analysis phishing mail Techcombank, HDBank

A fake email for Techcombank is recognized by Receive Guard

This is a form of fraud that hits people’s psychology. Recipients will rush to check the email, as they suspect someone has interfered with their bank account.

In addition, the sender’s email address is from the domain of a bank: “@ ”. This is a compelling factor. This factor is like urging recipients of mail: “please open email to check now”.

Receive Guard analysis phishing mail Techcombank, HDBank

A fake email for HD Bank is also acknowledged by Receive Guard

HDBank phishing email with the subject content is: “Chuyển khoản thành công.”

The email domain used is: “@”. This is a fake Domain that email users cannot identify with their eyes. But Receive Guard’s system has resolved that as a fake domain.

Specifically, this mail filtering system will report to users basic information about an illegal email. This email will not be delivered to recipients. However, the recipient can click to view the report details on Receive Guard’s system

In this reporting system, email users can see a detailed analysis of phishing emails such as sender IP address, country email sent from, attachments contain dangerous elements.

Without a dedicated mail filter system, it is likely that users and businesses will encounter countless other sophisticated email attacks.

Phishing Mail and the real story

Tuoi Tre online also reported on a phishing email attack as follows:

Ms. P. - office staff in Hanoi - suddenly received an email from the bank informing her that her online banking account was the victim of an online phishing attack. The email content also suggested that she have to verify her account according to the link in the instructions.

Trusting that it was an email sent from the bank, Ms. P. hurriedly accessed the link and logged into her account. As a result, Ms. P. lost her account. Fortunately, she promptly called the main bank after discovering that her account had just flown several million dongs.


To protect themselves and businesses from today’s email attacks, VNETWORK encourages businesses and domain email users to proactively equip comprehensive email security solutions. Mail Gateway has the same features as Receive Guard. Ensure safety in daily email transactions.

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