VNETWORK Scrubbing Centers fight DDoS on a global scale

Latest Update: 23/05/2024

VNETWORK Scrubbing Centers fight DDoS on a global scale

VNETWORK Scrubbing Centers works to provide intense DDoS protection (up to 2,600Tbps). The system automatically balances the operational load of WAFs (Web Application Firewall) within the Cloud WAF network in 8 countries. In the WAF network, if there is a problem with any 1 WAF, the Scrubbing Centers system will automatically switch to another WAF, to continue to screen the requests before they are sent to the Server.

This solution helps businesses maintain the stability of their servers, completely eliminating the bad effects of network attacks. With the service of VNETWORK Scrubbing Centers, no matter which server you use, your system is always guaranteed to be safe.

Learn about Scrubbing Center

Scrubbing Centers are seen as traffic processing centers where all incoming traffic is analyzed and “filtered” clean. Scrubbing Centers are commonly used in large corporations, ISPs, and Cloud service providers to protect some important services. Typically, these organizations will need to work heavily with edge or node traffic.

In the event of a network attack, inbound traffic is redirected (usually by DNS or BGP) to a filtering and analysis center.

After that, the security solutions will continue to do their job. And the system sends this traffic back to the network for later distribution. Monitoring centers will prevent major DDoS attacks targeting the application layer, network layer, or SlowLoris attacks, etc. When attacked, traffic will be redirected to Scrubbing Centers for analysis. and remove malicious traffic. Then forward the clean traffic back to the network for distribution to the server without disrupting the service.

VNETWORK has implemented the Scrubbing Centers service since 2016, this service allows customers to redirect (redirect) incoming attack traffic to clean traffic.

VNETWORK Scrubbing Centers anti-DDoS up to 2,600Tbps

According to several recent reports on cybersecurity, many regions of the world have become new locations for cyberattacks. The reason is due to the growing population, internet connection is also increasing in countries with developing economies. The rise of digital technology is also believed to be a contributing factor to the increasing trend of cyberattacks.

In addition to the Scrubbing Centers system mentioned above, VNETWORK also has many security solutions that are closely coordinated within the VNIS Platform. It includes key components such as Multi CDN (Content Delivery Network), AI Load Balancing, RUM (Real User Monitoring), and Cloud WAF network in 8 countries. If you can integrate VNIS into your Web Hosting infrastructure, your website and applications will be safe from all the biggest DDoS attacks on a global scale.

VNETWORK Scrubbing Centers fight DDoS on a global scale

How VNIS protects the origin server from the biggest DDoS attacks

Currently, VNETWORK has expanded to nearly 300 PoPs CDN in many countries around the world. We work with most of the world’s top CDN 404 providers. Those are units with strong server infrastructure located in data centers that meet international quality standards. As a result, VNETWORK can provide anti-DDoS traffic up to 2,600Tbps with the global Multi CDN 404 network.

VNETWORK’s new PoPs expansion has contributed to bringing great benefits to businesses and website operators in many countries, due to its ability to optimize latency and fastest response times.

Our Cloud WAF Firewall and Scrubbing Centers service can protect apps and APIs against the OWASP Top 10. In addition, we also have SOC rooms in 4 countries, to ensure that network security solutions are always closely coordinated with flexible human supervision.

Our Cloud WAF is capable of blocking all OWASP threats without impacting the flow of business-critical traffic. In addition, the system is also capable of detecting sophisticated bots that attack your website or application.

With Layer 3/4/7 DDoS protection and continuous network security monitoring, VNETWORK is ready for any DDoS attack that happens to businesses.

If you want to learn more about VNETWORK Scrubbing Centers or Scrubbing Centers Akamai, Akamai Prolexic Routed, Radware DDoS Datasheet, Radware Cloud DDoS,… Please contact VNETWORK’s team directly at Hotline: (028) 7306 8789 or email: or

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