Why does every enterprise want to have the performance of a Bare Metal Server?

Latest Update: 09/11/2023

Why does every enterprise want to have the performance of a Bare Metal Server?

Bare Metal Servers, as the name implies, involve dedicating actual physical server hardware to a single tenant or application. This contrasts with virtualized servers where the underlying physical hardware is shared between multiple virtual machines and users. The dedicated physical resources of Bare Metal Servers can provide significant performance advantages for certain workloads. In this article, we will dive into how Bare Metal Servers achieve high performance and some of the key use cases that can benefit.

Characteristics of Bare Metal Server

A Bare Metal Server is a computer server that is only used by one client. Clients often lease hardware from suppliers to use as they consider appropriate using bare metal solutions. This is in direct contrast to virtual servers, which may execute many software programs on the same piece of hardware. A Bare Metal Server may handle any amount of work required by a client and various users inside an organization, but the hardware remains committed to the business renting it.

The term "Bare Metal Server" refers to dedicated servers that are physically locked to service a single client, typically a company or organization. Bare Metal Servers are normally on-site, as opposed to virtual or cloud servers. Although virtual and cloud servers have grown in popularity in recent years, Bare Metal Servers remain the data management option of choice for many enterprise businesses.

Bare Metal Servers are also one of the oldest data management technologies on the market, dating back decades. This technology developed from a simple reality: having a local server is easier and more dependable than setting up an outside cloud or virtual server. These technologies have their responsibilities in the present data management environment, but they were essentially (pun intended) nonexistent at the start of data management.

How does Bare Metal Server work?

In practice, Bare Metal Servers are rather straightforward. They typically consist of a single or many racks populated by nodes that suit the data management requirements of the enterprise where the server is deployed. This data management framework promotes simplicity, dependability, and scalability, making it ideal for businesses with high data management demands.

Several Bare Metal Server applications work well with the approach. One such application is office computing. A local server implies minimal latency, the performance of Bare Metal Servers is exceptional, and they have great scalability when a full workplace is reliant on a single server or collection of servers. For many businesses, this is sufficient to make use of the technology.

In addition, Bare Metal Servers are among the most secure data management technologies available. When compared to other data management solutions like containerization or virtual machines, Bare Metal Servers provide unrivaled security due to actual, physical components that may be physically guarded. If your business demands great security, using a Bare Metal Server solution will be the right choice.

The advantage when using a Bare Metal Server

When compared to other options like a virtual machine or containerization, Bare Metal Servers have a lot of advantages, here are just some main advantages that many businesses want to know.

Outstanding performance

To begin with, the performance of a Bare Metal Server is always at best. You may incorporate as much processing power, storage space, and bandwidth as you like into your server, allowing you to keep your organization running at top efficiency at all hours of the day or night.

In practical terms, this means that everyone who uses your server will experience minimum difficulties, allowing your staff to work without any unwanted obstacles to performance or productivity as far as network connectivity is concerned. For enterprise companies where limited performance can mean tens or hundreds of hours wasted each month, this performance of Bare Metal Servers is sure to be a prevailing factor.

Most secure server method

Another unique aspect of Bare Metal Servers is higher isolation and improved security, which is embedded into the core elements of the data management concept. Because you have complete control over who uses your server and who has access to it, you can avoid data breaches and other possible cyber threats far more effectively.

This is primarily because Bare Metal Servers are made up of actual hardware rather than virtual machines. Your IT staff will be able to monitor and manage any additions or modifications to the system using this actual hardware. Your business will have both performances of Bare Metal Servers and also can avoid any form of malicious attack.

Not an easy scalability method but is the most efficient one

While containerization and virtual private servers provide much easier methods to modify hardware profiles, they cannot compete with the absolute customizability and scalability of a Bare Metal Server. Your IT personnel will be able to optimize your server infrastructure much more efficiently with total control over your localized configuration and a professional view of performance and use metrics.

With the help of an experienced and proactive IT team, this will result in an efficient and reasonably low-cost data management solution for your business, allowing users to function at their best without losing budget-friendliness. While Bare Metal Servers are not the cheapest choice, they may surely assist in offsetting the cost disadvantages of this data management approach.

No hypervisor overhead

One of the biggest performance advantages of Bare Metal Servers is the lack of virtualization overhead. In virtualized environments, the hypervisor software that manages the virtual machines and the sharing of physical resources incurs some CPU and memory costs. The hypervisor dispatches instructions between guest virtual machines and the underlying physical hardware which adds latency.

In Bare Metal Servers, there is no intermediary hypervisor layer. The operating system and applications can directly interface with the native hardware without any translation overhead or resource-sharing constraints. This helps decrease the latency and ensure the performance of Bare Metal Server has the fastest response times and takes full advantage of the available compute capacity.

Use cases that benefit from the performance of Bare Metal Server

Here are some examples of workload types that can leverage the performance advantages of Bare Metal Servers:

High-Performance computing

Scientific simulations, climate modeling, computational research, and complex mathematical computations require massive parallel processing performance. The performance of Bare Metal Servers can maximize floating point capabilities and parallelization to deliver top HPC performance.

Real-Time Analytics

Workloads like fraud detection, stock trading monitoring, network performance monitoring, and log analysis require running complex algorithms on huge incoming data streams in real-time. The uncompromising performance of Bare Metal Servers is ideal for such data-intensive real-time analytics.


Online game servers like MMORPGs and multiplayer mobile gaming backends are sensitive to network latency. Fast response times and consistent throughput are critical for smooth gaming experiences. The performance of Bare Metal Servers helps achieve reliable high performance to support demanding gaming workloads. Figure 3. Game streaming will have less latency when having the performance of a Bare Metal Server

Media rendering

On-demand media rendering workloads like video encoding/transcoding, 3D modeling, and graphics rendering demand peak compute resource utilization. Bare metal's high throughput and scale-up capacity suit media rendering applications.

Store databases

High-performance databases like in-memory, NoSQL, and transactional databases are key performance bottlenecks. Bare Metal Servers allow tailoring infrastructure for faster I/O, memory optimization, and parallelization to ensure fast and reliable database performance.

Innovative Bare Metal Server solution from VNETWORK

Outstanding performance: VNETWORK's Bare Metal Server inherits a new generation server system with AMD EPYC or Intel Gold CPU processors, NVMe SSD hard drives, and a multitude of upgrade and expansion possibilities. Customizable capacity with up to 1028GB RAM and Network 200 Gbps uplinks, assisting in the optimization of business services performance.

High accessibility: Comprehensive infrastructure, a large number of server systems located at Tier III standard Data Centers belonging to ISPs: Viettel IDC, VNPT, FPT, Mobifone in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, providing Full infrastructure deployment and expansion services within 24 hours, ensuring business continuity.

Flexibility and cost savings: With Bare Metal Server VNETWORK, organizations may make use of the full sophisticated infrastructure system at the lowest possible cost. Respond fast with free, transparent 24/7 local assistance that provides clear pricing, services, and advanced alternatives.

If your business is interested in experiencing VNETWORK's Bare Metal Server solution, please reach out to us via our hotline: (028) 7306 8789 or or email to for expert support and consultation.

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