VNETWORK upgrade Cloud WAF to meet tens millions of RPM

Latest Update: 23/05/2024

VNETWORK upgrade Cloud WAF to meet tens millions of RPM

In order to improve the infrastructure capacity of VNETWORK’s Cloud WAF (Web Application Firewall) system, we have expanded to add many new servers. These servers are produced exclusively for VNETWORK.

New Server upgrade information

Recently, VNETWORK has recorded many large DDoS attacks with tens of millions of requests to customers’ Web Server systems. We’ve seen a sharp increase in targeted attacks. Therefore, in order to better serve our Customers and the number of new Customers in the future, we have imported many new Servers to expand the infrastructure for Cloud WAF clusters, increase the anti-DDoS ability of the company. VNIS solution is 5 times higher than before.

Specifically, on September 8, 2022, we completed the installation and put new servers into the Data Center system across the country to build more Cloud WAF clusters. New servers from the DELL brand are manufactured according to VNETWORK’s own requirements with the ability to store, connect and transmit data at maximum speed.

VNETWORK upgrade Cloud WAF to meet tens millions of RPM

Transceiver QSFP-100G-LR4

VNETWORK upgrade Cloud WAF to meet tens millions of RPM

New servers have been installed and put into international Tier III standard Data Centers

What benefits does using Cloud WAF on VNIS bring to customers?

- Website Performance Guarantee : We protect thousands of our customers’ Web sites and applications, ensuring they function at their best.

  • Safe from all attacks : We ensure a large server infrastructure to protect our customers’ Websites from the biggest DDoS attacks.

  • Scalability : With a large Cloud WAF infrastructure, VNETWORK will help businesses easily and flexibly respond to attacks from many geographical locations.

  • Continuous monitoring of network security status with SOC system : VNETWORK’s Cloud WAF combines with network security monitoring centers from many countries, helping to monitor and respond to incidents flexibly.

  • Quick support from cybersecurity experts : VNETWORK’s team of experts (in Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea,…) will support businesses 24/7. We guarantee the security, integrity, and high availability of our customers’ Websites and applications.

VNETWORK upgrade Cloud WAF to meet tens millions of RPM

Besides, VNETWORK also applies advanced and modern technologies in the world towards the goal of becoming a top-quality Cybersecurity and Rescue Center in Vietnam and Asia. We aim to bring safe & optimal technology service solutions to businesses. Thereby, helping businesses achieve high business investment efficiency and ensure satisfaction when collaborating with VNETWORK.

If you are looking to optimize your IT system, protect your website and improve the experience of online platforms, please contact us immediately via hotline: (028) 7306 8789 or fill in the registration information below, experts our team will assist you immediately.

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